Tri-colored Cavachons – Appearance, Size, and More

Cavachons come in a variety of color combinations. In this article, we will talk about the tri-colored Cavachons. These Cavachons have a combination of three different colors. Mostly, the tri-colored Cavachons have white, black, and brown color coats. Sometimes these colors also mix to make a tan-colored Cavachon. They look very beautiful and cute in three different coat colors. Three different colors can appear on their different body parts. The frequency of different colors can also change from individual to individual.


We have observed the number of Cavachons and met with many Cavachon breeders to come up with the tri-colored Cavachons. Some of their body parts also appear phantom in their tri-colored combination. They are very attractive to families in their adorable tri-colored combinations. Let’s have a look at tri-colored Cavachons.


A tri-colored Cavachon can come in three different colored combinations. These colors include white, black, brown, cream, and apricot color. Sometimes they have a large part of their body covered with a black coat, then white and brown, and sometimes their large body part is covered with white than black and brown. Sometimes these three colors mix up to give a tan-colored look. They can also have patches of these three colors on different parts of their body. They look stunning in each of their three-color combinations. Sometimes their brown only appeared on their face as compared to their whole white and black body. So, you can expect anything from a tri-colored Cavachon.


The tri-colored Cavachon size can vary in weight between 12 to 35 pounds, and in height, they are not taller than 13 inches at the withers. You can expect any size in a tri-colored combination, including the extra small, small, and large size. However, there is not much difference in all of their sizes. It’s a lovely small size dog breed for families. Don’t worry about the space in your home; they can even live the apartment life.



Cavachon grooming becomes more important when you have a tri-colored variation, as one color may look duller than the other. Usually, their bright color can quickly become duller than the other colors. You have to brush their coat regularly to prevent the mats and tangles. Their other grooming needs, such as teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and nail cutting, are the same as the other Cavachons. However, don’t bathe them regularly as it can remove their oil from the skin.


In general, all the Cavachons have strong temperaments irrespective of their colors. However, some individuals can develop bad habits depending on their environment. So, make sure to train and socialize them during their early age. It’s very important for any dog, especially for family dogs. Families always expect a well-trained and well-behaved four-leg family member.


In general, Cavachons are considered a healthy dog breed like all the other mixed dog breeds. However, like all the other colored Cavachons, the tri-colored Cavachons can also face certain health issues. Some common health problems are cataracts, patellar luxation, mitral, and skin issues.

Life Span

A Cavachon can live anywhere between 12 to 15 years irrespective of its color. The Cavachons life span mainly depends upon their health, care, feeding, and their activity level. The energetic individuals with proper care are usually healthier than the others. On average, a Cavachon can live around 13 areas if they don’t have any serious health problems.

Cavachon Pictures


The tri-colored Cavachon is one the rare color of the Cavachons. So, you may have to pay a little more for a tri-colored Cavachon than their other colors. In fact, they can be a little expensive in some areas as compared to the other parts of the states. You can talk with some Cavachon owners before purchasing a Cavachon to get a better idea about their price in your area. Read our Cavachon price guide to get better idea about their price.

Note: Visit our Cavachon buying guide to get some idea to bring a perfect tri-colored Cavachon at your home. 

Final Thoughts

Tri-color is one of the rare and unique color combinations of the Cavachons. They can have a combination of white, black, and brown colors. Some individuals have black on the maximum of their body parts, while some have white on the maximum of their body parts. A tri-colored Cavachon can have the following colors in its coat.

  • White
  • Blacks
  • Brown
  • Apricot
  • Cream

All these colors can come on different parts of their body. Their common tri-color colors are white, black, and brown. Whatever combination you are going to have, you need to take their proper care and ensure their training to make them a good family dog.

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