Apricot Cavachon – Appearance, Size, and More

Cavachons can also have an apricot-colored coat, which may look like a red Cavachon or brown Cavachon. But the people who have already seen all of these colors, they can easily differentiate these Cavachons. In fact, the apricot is one of the attractive and adorable colors of the Cavachons. Many people love to have an apricot-colored Cavachon. Mostly their apricot color comes in combination with the white color. However, they mostly have the apricot-colored coat and are regarded as apricot Cavachons.

apricot cavachon

We have done a lot of research and personally met with many Cavachon owners and breeders to clear everything about the apricot Cavachons. This is a bright, attractive color of the Cavachons. They look stunning in this color with their cute eyes and nose. This article will tell you everything about their appearance, size, grooming, and more. Let’s have a look at apricot Cavachons.


Apricot Cavachons are regarded as apricot Cavachons due to their apricot like color. They have most of their body covered with apricot color. However, they can have white hairs on their chest and paws. Sometimes they also have white hairs around their nose and mouth. Even sometimes, their whitish hairs are mixed with the apricot-colored hairs all over the body. In rare cases, you may also find patches of some other colors on their apricot coat.


Apricot-colored Cavachon can come in three different sizes: extra small, small, and large. However, there is not much difference in all of Cavachons sizes. They are always on the smaller side, depending upon their size. An apricot Cavachon can have their weight between 15 to 35 pounds with a height of around 13 inches at the withers. Whatever size you are going to get of apricot Cavachons, this is going to be a good family dog.



Grooming is an important part of any dog’s life, and it’s somehow affected by their color. The apricot-colored Cavachons have their grooming needs like all the other colored Cavachons. Their bright color coat needs to brush regularly to prevent the mats and tangles. However, the apricot-colored Cavachons may need less frequent bathing as compared to the white-colored Cavachons. Too much bathing is not good for dogs as it’s removed the natural oil from their body that is responsible for their dry skin. Dry skin itself can lead your dog to many skin issues. Read our Cavachon grooming guide for more detailed information.


Cavachons have a strong temperament and are known for their energetic nature. They love to spend the maximum of their time playing, making them good dogs for their families. They are very intelligent and smart and can pick things quickly. But you have to start their training early to get the best results. However, their living environment and family behavior also play an important role in their temperament. You have to pay special attention to making them the temperamentally strong dog.


Health is one the major factor that plays a role in the life span of your Cavachon. But it doesn’t depend upon the color of the Cavachons. They are usually healthy, but some of their common health issues are cataracts, patellar luxation, skin issues, and mitral. If your dog has any of these issues, strictly follow your veterinarian guidelines.

Life Span

A Cavachon can live between 12 to 15 years, depending on their health and other factors. Their activity level is the main concern as it controls their obesity. The more active dog breeds are usually less prone to health issues than the other dogs. So, if you want your apricot dog to live long, ensure their good health, feeding, and care. Read our Cavachon life span guide for more detailed information.

Cavachon Pictures


The price of the Cavachons can be changed depending upon their color. The more demanding colors are a little expensive as compared to the other colors. It’s also affected by the areas; in some US states, these are a little more expensive than the others. Usually, their white color is more expensive than the others.

Note: Check out our Cavachon buying guide to get some useful buying tips. 

Final Thoughts

Apricot is one of the famous coat colors of the Cavachons. People love to have this bright color of the Cavachons. Mostly, their apricot color appeared with white color. They have an apricot coat on the whole of their body with white hairs on their chest and face. Sometimes the white hairs also appeared on their whole body along with their apricot hairs. Whatever Cavachon color you are going to have, make sure their proper care and grooming to maintain their health and look.

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