Cavachon Grooming Guide – Brushing, Nail Clipping, Bathing, & More

Cavachon is a mixed dog breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. They are known for their soft, wavy, and medium-length coats. They shed less as compared to the other canines, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t require much attention for grooming. You have to pay special attention to their grooming to maintain their overall look. Even their regular brushing and hair clipping are essential to keep their coat healthy and shiny. Their regular ear cleaning is also necessary to prevent them from ear infections. Don’t wait for your Cavachon to look scruffy to groom him. In general, you can take your Cavachon to the groomer every 4 to 8 weeks.


However, if you are living in the mid-west, your winter is going to be pretty cold. So, don’t take your Cavachon to the groomer as often to keep them warmer. You have to take care of their coat between the groomer trips. Many Cavachons has a combination of different types of hairs. Some of their areas have straighter hairs, but most of their body areas have longer hairs. So, it’s found that the metal comb with wider teeth works best. In this article, we will discuss everything about Cavachon grooming. Let’s start with the Cavachon grooming guide.

Cavachon Grooming Tools

There are abundant canine products in the market for their grooming. You have to choose the right grooming tools depending upon the specific coat of your Cavachon. These tools make a smooth and easy grooming experience for Cavachons. Their coat can vary individually, so make sure you have the right tools. Let’s see some essential grooming tools for Cavachons.

Pin Brush

Pin brush is a special tool to remove the mats and tangles easily. But make sure to don’t be hard on your Cavachon, as it can damage their skin.

Slicker Brush

This is another important grooming tool that you must have before starting the grooming of your Cavachon. They have slightly longer hairs as compared to the other dog breeds. So, a slicker brush is a perfect tool to remove any debris, tangles, and dead hairs from the Cavachon hairs.

Shampoo and Conditioner

A high-quality shampoo and a conditioner are also essential to keep your Cavachon coat clean and feel fresh. These shampoos are specially formulated to keep the dog’s hair clean and silky. You can also purchase a soothing shampoo if your Cavachon is suffering from skin allergies. Some effective shampoos contain aloe vera and oatmeal to reduce inflammation, itching, and other skin problems. The dog conditioners help to soften their coat and keep it as shiny as possible.


Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The dog’s oral health is also essential to keep their overall health good, and brushing their teeth regularly is key to preventing them from dental diseases. An unhealthy canine mouth can be responsible for different health issues. So, pick the right toothbrush and toothpaste to properly care for your Cavachon mouth. You have to ensure the cleaning of their hard-to-reach mouth areas that can be responsible for plaque buildup. Some of the professional cleaning sessions keep your Cavachon teeth as healthy as possible.

Ear Wipes and Drops

Make sure to add the ear wipes and drops in the grooming kit of your Cavachon. These are good to keep your Cavachon ears clean to prevent them from possible infections. Wipe their ears inside to remove the debris and put the ear drops deeper into their ear canal. Your Cavachon surely is thankful after getting an ear cleaning session.

Nail Clipper

A nail clipper is essential to keep your Cavachon nails clean and clipped. Your Cavachon nails are naturally filled when they walk or run-on concrete. If it’s not enough, you can get an auto-stop nail clipper for their grooming. These clippers keep their nails at a comfortable length.

Pair of Hair Cutting Scissors

These are the last essential items you must have in your dog grooming kit before starting their grooming. Select a pair of hair-cutting scissors to fully groom your Cavachon. Many people also use the electric clippers to keep their Cavachon coat short. However, scissors also needed to remove the hairs around their ears, tail, and in between their paws.

Cavachon Grooming Steps

There are different Cavachon grooming styles, including the teddy bear and puppy haircut. Whatever style you select for your Cavachon, you need to follow the below steps.


Step#1: Relax Your Cavachon

It’s necessary to relax the Cavachon before their grooming to get perfect results. You can perform the gentle message and check for flea bites. Cavachons are prone to flea bites, so check for skin irritation and swelling if the fleas are present. They can also have scratches on different parts of their body, especially on their hidden parts. If you notice any serious issues due to fleas and lumps, contact your veterinarian.

Step#2: Gently Brush Their Fur

Gently brush the Cavachon hairs with a soft brush to remove the loose hairs and prevent tangling. Starting from their head, move down to their body by skipping the tangled and matted sections. Cavachons usually need brushing two to three times per week or at least ensure their brushing once a week. However, they need more frequent brushing during the shedding season. If it’s hard to control the Cavachon during grooming, you can hold a treat in front of them and feed the small pieces after some time. You can also take breaks in their brushing process as sometimes it’s hard for the canine friends to stand still for long.

Step#3: Remove The Tangled or  Matted Fur

Now comb and clip the matted or tangled part of their body that you skipped in the previous step. However, disentangle it if you can. But make sure to do this step with maximum safety and patience, as it can be harsh for dogs.

Step#4: Create A Style

Now, it’s time to create a favorite style of your Cavachon. You can use a pair of scissors to clip their hair regularly. There are two common hairstyles of the Cavachons.

Cavachon Pictures

  • Puppy Style: Most Cavachon owners love to have “puppy style” for their Cavachon. This style needs to cut the Cavachon hairs short from their body and leave longer hairs on their face and tail.
  • Teddy Bear Cut: You can also go for a teddy bear cut for your Cavachon. This needs to cut your Cavachons hairs one to two inches evenly across their entire body.

Whichever hairstyle you are going to choose, make sure they have short hair around their eyes. If you can’t craft their hairstyle at home, you can take them to a professional groomer.

Step#5: Trim Their Nails

Trim your Cavachon nails with nail clippers. It’s necessary to prevent them from nail issues. You can check their nail color before trimming, which depends upon the surrounding coat. The dogs with lighter colored coats have pink quick, which you can differentiate from the rest of the nail. So, just cut the nails above the quick. The dark-coated Cavachons don’t have visible quick, so cut several small pieces until you see an oval that is pink or gray on the nail’s surface. Make sure you are not damaging their quick as it can lead them to bleed. However, if you accidentally cut their quick, stop the bleeding by using a styptic pencil that contains silver nitrate. If still the bleeding is not stopped, immediately contact the veterinarian.

Step#6: Brush Their Teeth Daily

Your canine teeth’ health is also important to keep their overall health good. Make sure to brush their teeth daily to prevent them from early tooth decay and periodontal disease. You can purchase a special canine toothbrush and flavored dog toothpaste. Choose your dog’s favorite flavor, such as liver or meat flavor.

Step#7: Clean Their Eyes

Cavachons can also face eye problems like all other small dog breeds. Some of their common eye issues are ulcers and dry eyes. You can use warm water to clean the area under their eyes. Check their eyes regularly to ensure that they don’t have any debris. Make sure they don’t overgrow into their line of sight.

Step#8: Clean Their Ears

Sometimes the excessive buildup of earwax and ear infections can lead the Cavachons to different health issues. So, you can use the ear dropper and a saline solution to prevent them from these issues. Put the few drops of saline solution in their ears with a dropper and massage the around area. Allow the dog to shake his head afterward.

Step#9: Bathe Them When Needed

Bathe your Cavachon when needed with the veterinarian-recommended dog shampoo. Wash their whole body in a water tub or sink and gently rub their coat with a washcloth. During their bathing, allow the dogs to shake.

Cavachon Grooming Tips

Cavachon PicturesIt’s advised to groom your Cavachon professionally every seven weeks. You can take your Cavachon to a professional groomer for their professional grooming.

  • You have to clip your Cavachon coat from time to time.
  • Always use the soft-bristled brush to brush the Cavachon coat.
  • If you notice any rust-colored stains on your Cavachon face, try to clean and wash them from time to time.
  • After grooming, give them a crate to enjoy an untroubled sleep.

Why Grooming is Important?

Grooming is an essential part of any dog’s life. You have to groom them regularly to maintain their physical and psychological health. Dog owners need to understand that grooming is important for dogs to prevent their coats from matting and tangling. Grooming keeps your dog happy and healthy. Their regular grooming prevents them from developing the odor and creates a shinier and softer coat. It’s especially beneficial for dogs with allergies. Regular grooming removes their dead and lost hairs, ending up with decreased hairs on your floor and furniture. So, overall, the grooming not only improves your Cavachons look, but it’s also beneficial for their health and wellbeing.

How to groom a Cavachon at home?

You can groom your Cavachon at home very easily. It’s an easy process that doesn’t take much of your time. Follow the below steps to groom your Cavachon at home.


Step#1: Take Grooming Tools

To start grooming your Cavachon, make sure all the grooming tools are easily accessible. Put all the tools on a table near the grooming place.

Step#2: Brush Your Cavachon

The second important step is brushing your Cavachon to remove any mats and tangles. To remove their lost hairs and tangles, brush them with both a pin brush and a slicker brush.

Step#3: Remove Tangles

Now, remove the tangled part of their coat that is hard to detangle. Use the scissors to remove their tangled area gently.

Step#4: Cut Long Hairs

After removing the tangled areas, now clip their body areas that are overgrown, especially check between their paw pads, around their ears, and around their tails. You can carefully use the scissors to snip the long hairs.

Step#5: Check Anal Sacs

After brushing and trimming the Cavachon, you can check if the Cavachon anal sacs need to be released. If you know how to do this at home, you can feel free to do that. Otherwise, you can contact a professional groomer and let him handle this.

Step#6: Give Them Proper Bathe


Now, it’s time to bathe your Cavachon. You can simply wet them with warm water. Thoroughly soak their fur, and scrub it with canine shampoo. Allow it to sit properly and soak up any extra dirt and debris. You can use the canine conditioner to rinse the shampoo and allow it to sit for a minute. After a gentle rinsing, thoroughly wash your Cavachon with a towel or dryer to remove the shampoo from their coat.

Step#7: Move To Ear And Eye Care

Now, it’s time to move on to your Cavachon ear and eye care. Make sure to use the proper products to clean your Cavachon ears and eyes. Some special drops and wipes are available for the dog’s ear and eye cleaning.

Step#8: Nail Clipping

Now, you can also check for their nails and cut them to their appropriate length to ensure that they don’t overgrow or become uncomfortable. You can use an electric nail trimmer to clip their nails to an appropriate length. Not cut them too short as it can cause them serious injuries.

Step#9: Brush Their Teeth

Now, you can move on to your Cavachon oral health and brush their teeth with a proper toothbrush and toothpaste. You can use other dental health products to keep their mouth healthy such as dental chews, wipes, and foods. All these items are very effective in keeping the dogs healthy.

Step#10: Brush Their Coat

After performing all the above steps at home, you can brush their coat to complete their grooming process. Now, your Cavachon will be looking and feeling great. Their overall grooming at home doesn’t take more than an hour.


Final Thoughts

Grooming is very important for Cavachons like all the other dog breeds. It’s good for their overall health, including their physical and mental health. So, you must have to groom your Cavachon regularly to prevent them from negative health effects. You can easily groom your Cavachon at home with the following tools.

  • Pin Bruch and Slicker Brush
  • Dog Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Ear Wipes and Drops
  • Nail Clippers
  • A pair of Scissors

All these tools make Cavachon grooming a very easy process. Make sure you have easy access to all the grooming tools before starting their grooming. Pick a proper place and put all the grooming tools there. After grooming, your Cavachon will look stunning and ready to go for an enjoyable walk.

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