Cavachon Training Guide – Potty Training, Crate Training, etc

Training is an important part of any dog’s life, especially for family dogs. Cavachon is a small-sized dog making him one of the best dog breeds for families. They are very lovely, friendly, and have a great temperament. Even the first-time or novice owner can also own this breed. Their size and minimum activity requirement make them good apartment dogs as well. Don’t worry about their training as it’s not difficult to train them. They are very smart and quick learners. They can pick the new commands quickly, making them train easier.


In this article, you will learn about the new methods and strategies to train your dog to make them lovely family companions. We have researched this dog breed and met with many professional Cavachon trainers to come up with the Cavachon training guide. You have to train and socialize them as early as possible. Let’s know more about the Cavachon training.

Training Cavachon

It’s important to train and socialize the Cavachons to get the desired results. Makes sure they get along well with other people, dogs, and their living environments. They have medium-level energy. You should practice obedience training to ensure that your pup grows into a well-educated adult. You can have to train your Cavachon for the following things.

  • Walk on a leash.
  • Greet people politely.
  • Respond to their name.

Praising the Cavachons and rewarding them for their good work is a great way to train them for various tasks. But don’t over-reward them in the form of treats as they are prone to obesity, which can lead them to various health issues. You can make a schedule of two or three 10-minute training sessions per day to make it easier for your dog. It’s a better way to train the Cavachons than longer periods. But make sure to reinforce their training even when they reach adulthood to prevent them from building bad habits. Stick to their schedule as they may need some extra time and patience in some training, such as potty training. Be ready to take your Cavachon puppy out frequently during their first few weeks.

Cavachon Training process

Cavachons are very smart and easy to train. Even if they don’t need any experienced trainer, the dog owners can train them for various necessary tasks. You just need to be patient, consistent, and firm to achieve the results. The following training process will help you to train your Cavachons



You have to establish leadership during the early age of your Cavachons. They are smart enough from an early age to pick the commands and information. Make sure to be a gentle and consistent leader with a strong mind to lead your Cavachon for various tasks.


Socialization is important for any dog to make it easier for him and other people as well. You have to introduce them to different people, animals, and other pets at an early age. If they get familiar with humans and other dogs during an early age, it will make them comfortable around them during their adult age as well. They will not scare or aggressive around them.

Positive reinforcement

The positive method of training is always preferred for any dog training. So, you can provide them with treats and vocal praises as long as they complete a certain task. Don’t use harsh words or a hand on them as it can make them scared or even aggressive.

Cavachon Potty Training

Potty training is one of the main training for any dog breed; you can easily train them in the comfort of the house. They are small-sized dogs and don’t need any extra space to perform their training. You just need to provide them with the proper environment and remove any objects that can distract them during their training. Teach them different potty-training commands by keeping the training sessions small. Follow the below tips to potty train your Cavachon.

  • Take them to a spot: Take your Cavachon to the same spot every time. They perform well in routine and learn best with consistency. When you regularly take them to a specific spot, they will scent and associate this spot with a toilet area.
  • Use same time and route: Whenever you take your puppy to potty, follow the same route at the same time daily. Make a habit of it.
  • Limit their range: You have to limit your Cavachon range as it’s helpful for their potty training. You can use a crate to limit their range. This will also keep your puppy safe and secure from house dangers.
  • Reward on good behavior: Reward them with treats and praises when they follow your commands. The timing is key to getting the results. You have to immediately reward them when they show the desired behavior.
  • Carry your Cavachon: You can carry your Cavachon if he is having accidents in his distance from the crate to outside. Don’t worry about their pee, as they mostly carried Kirby out for weeks.
  • Feed on a regular schedule: Feed your Cavachon on a schedule. This will make his bathroom breaks easier to manage without any accidents.
  • Correct his act of poop or pee: If you find your Cavachon is pooping or peeing, calmly and firmly say “no” when he is in the mid of that act and carry him to a proper spot for pooping and peeing. This help the Cavachon to understand the thing. But if the accident is accrued, just clean it and move on, as there are no benefits of doing anything with your dog at this point. He will not associate it with his act.
  • Keep the cleaning supplies: keep plenty of cleaning supplies and an odor eliminator on your hands. These are helpful in case of accidents. Makes sure to use the pet-safe deodorizer that is non-toxic, as they usually continue to use the spot.
  • Clean accidents: Clean all the accidents with an enzymatic cleaner. These products contain enzymes that will break down biological waste like oil, starch, carbohydrates, and proteins.

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Potty Training Routine

Below is a rough idea to establish a routine to make it an easier and more enjoyable experience for Cavachons.

  • Take your Cavachon out in the early morning.
  • After 15 to 20 minutes, keep them back and feed them.
  • After feeding, take them outside to spend some time. If he doesn’t want to go now, then try in another 30 to 40 minutes.
  • For the rest of the morning, you can take him out every 90 minutes to 2 hours.
  • After Lunch, give him some more time outside.
  • In the afternoon, follow the routine of the morning to take him outside every 90 minutes, which can be gradually increased between the breaks.
  • After dinner, take him outside to spend some more time there.

Cavachon Crate Training

The crate is the best friend while potty training the Cavachons. Naturally, Cavachons are denning animals and dislike soiling their beds. Firstly, you can start their crate training before potty training them. When you bring them home, introduce them to the crate with old bedding and some toys so they can get familiar with the smells around them. Don’t use the new beds while your Cavachon is teething, as they love to chew and will destroy them. Be careful with the toys you put in their crate, as the broken toys can cause injuries.


Use the command “crate” or “on” to move your puppy towards the crate. If they follow your commands, praise them and keep the crate door open for the first few seconds. Use the puppy treats to motivate them. These treats also provide them with different essential nutrients. The young pups have different nutritional needs as compared other to adult dogs. After some time, you can close the door and keep your pup inside for a few minutes. Keep extending this duration with time. In the beginning, you can keep this time about 2 to 5 minutes. Repeat this process as many times as possible in the day.

Keep in mind the following things

  • You can leave your puppy alone in the crate for longer periods, once they can spend at least half an hour. Now they can also sleep in their crates.
  • Keep in mind that a 2-month-old puppy can only hold their bladder for 2 to 3 hours. While a 6-month-old puppy can hold the bladder for 7 to 8 hours.
  • If you have a young puppy, it means that you need to wake up several times during the night and take him out for a potty break. However, you can minimize this time by restricting your Cavachon from eating before going to bed.
  • Keep their crate close during their sleep. Many individuals wake at midnight and start whining, indicating that they need to be let out to potty.

Don’t do the following things

  • Don’t put your Cavachon in the crate as a punishment. Make the crate a smooth and restful experience for them.
  • Don’t let them out if they whine or bark to be let out. Just ignore them, and await; they will likely stop in time. You can use the earplugs if you feel bothered.
  • If you noticed any signs of separation anxiety in your Cavachon, such as pawing at the crate, barking, or biting the crate, you could take professional help.

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When to start training the Cavachon?

Cavachon training should be started as early as possible. You can start with the basic obedience training while your Cavachon is 6-8 weeks old. Their socialization should be started when the puppy gets 12 weeks old. You will get the results more effective and faster if you start their training early. Try to teach them the basic commands as early as possible such as sit, come, roll over, etc.

You should wait to teach them the advanced training until they master the basic commands. Usually, they complete their basic commands at the age of 6 months. If your puppy is 6 months old, it’s time to start with their advanced training. Now, you can teach them different tricks and dog sports like flyball, dock jumping, etc. These activities keep the Cavachons challenged and stimulated.

Where to train Cavachon?

For basic obedience training, you can train them in the comfort of your home. These are small-sized dogs and don’t have any big platform for training. Just ensure there is nothing in their way that can cause the issue in their training. However, for their socialization, you can take them outside to interact with people and other dogs. Make them interact with as many people as you can during their early age. Some advanced training also needs an open space or a backyard of the house. Make sure to keep them on a leash while they are outside the house.

How to train Cavachon for various tasks?

You have to train your Cavachon for various tasks to make the perfect family pet. A particular word should be defined for a particular task. You can use words such as sir, come, up, stop, or walk for the basic tasks. However, ensure that you are using a unique word for a specific task. Don’t mix the words and tasks to make it easier for the dogs to catch the command. You should also demonstrate to them some advanced training. They will follow you to do that, such as you can do roll over to teach them. It’s an effective way for quick results.

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How Often do Cavachon Puppies need the bathroom?

It depends upon your Cavachon size. The smaller dogs need fewer visits to the bathroom as they have a small bladder. So, take your small Cavachon outside very often, depending upon their small bladder. The key to potty train the Cavachons is to take them outside consistently. So, don’t set a specific number to take your Cavachon outside for potty. It’s recommended to take them outside about every two hours. However, you can take them outside after the meal within 45 minutes. Pay special attention to their behavior and routine. If they drink plenty of water, they probably need to go outside after 30 minutes.

Final Thoughts

From all the above Cavachon training guide, we can conclude that training is an important part of Cavachon’s life, just like the other dog breeds. A perfect Cavachon family member always needs to learn a few things to adjust to the family. So, whenever you bring a Cavachon home, ensure to start their following training.

  • Basic commands
  • Crate training
  • Potty training
  • Socialization
  • Feeding behavior

These are all important things that a Cavachon owner expects from their four-leg family member. Fortunately, it’s not hard to train the Cavachons. They are very smart and intelligent and can be trained for various tasks.

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