Cavachon Buying Guide – Important Buying Tips

Buying a Cavachon puppy or any other dog breed is not easy, especially when you own any dog for the first time. We know it’s an exciting time for the families, and they can make mistakes in their excitement. But you don’t need to worry as we tried our best to make it an easy task for dog lovers. If you are also looking to own a dog, especially a Cavachon puppy, this article is for you. We have done all the research work to provide you with a brief Cavachon buying guide. We also met personally with many Cavachon families to learn about their buying experience. After meeting with the families, we come to know that many families don’t have enough time to research before buying Cavachon.


However, they have to responsibly ensure to get a healthy dog for their families. The first and most important thing you have to do is to choose some reputable Cavachon breeders. From your point of view, you have to make sure that you are ready for a dog. There can be different places around you to get a Cavachon puppy, but the best practice is always a reputable breeder. Let’s see the advantages of getting a puppy from a breeder.

Advantages of Buying a Cavachon from a Breeder

  • The reputable breeders usually provide you with a pedigree dog as a puppy.
  • It’s easy to predict the size and appearance of your puppy that comes from a particular pedigree from a breeder.
  • A puppy from a breeder is more predictable in terms of his temperament and nature, which usually depends upon his parent. You can also ask your breeder about the puppy and the measures you need to take to socialize your puppy.
  • The reputable breeders also provide you with the complete medical history of your puppy.
  • A breeder can provide you with a more comprehensive idea about the puppy’s physical and emotional background than the adult dogs.

Finding Right Breeder

Once you have decided to get a Cavachon puppy from a breeder, now you need to find reputable Cavachon breeders. Make sure the breeder is responsible and promotes good breeding practices. He prioritizes the health and welfare of their dogs and puppies. You can also ask your vet, as they usually know about the responsible breeders in the area.

After choosing a responsible breeder near you, you should be prepared to put your name on their waiting list. You may have to wait to get a puppy from a reputable breeder due to their puppy’s demand. The best you can do is to visit their place first and meet the puppy’s parents. This will give you a great idea about their puppy’s look. However, it’s a concerning sign if the breeder is not allowing you to visit their place.


Don’t trap in many online scams. They may illegally smuggle their puppies into the UK and sell their dogs to unsuspecting dog lovers. You always check out their images and description on the website, which can be taken from elsewhere. They may also have many dog breeds without having any knowledge about them.

The last thing you must check is that puppies are not sold from pet shops. These dogs likely come from puppy farms. Even in some areas selling puppies at pet shops or by third-party commercial sellers is banned.

Responsible Cavachon Breeder

A responsible breeder is always good to get a Cavachon puppy. You can focus on the following points while searching for a responsible breeder to get some idea about the Cavachon breeder.

  • Cavachon PicturesThe responsible breeder doesn’t allow a bitch to have more than one litter of puppies in a 12-month period.
  • They always follow the Kennel Club recommendations and don’t allow their bitches to have a maximum of four litters during their breeding life.
  • They ensure to don’t cross a bitch that had a litter delivered by cesarean section.
  • The responsible breeders only breed the bitches between the ages of one to eight.
  • They ensure that the breeding Cavachons don’t have any behavioral problems.
  • They don’t breed any bitch, which has the chance of passing any inherited disease to future generations of puppies. The responsible breeders ensure that their dogs don’t carry any genetic mutations that can affect that particular breed.
  • The responsible breeders always have great knowledge about their breed and are always ready to answer your queries related to their breed.
  • When you visit their place, ensure that they feed their dogs an appropriate diet and keep them in a clean and safe environment. Makes sure their dogs have access to fresh, clean water and plenty of space and also have space for outdoor exercise.
  • They always provide regular routine vet care to their dogs, including flea and worming treatment, vaccinations, and health checks.
  • Make sure the puppy is comfortable with the daily goings on of a house alongside plenty of opportunities for socialization.
  • Don’t sell their puppies before eight weeks of age.
  • They always prefer to get attached to their owners even after you get their puppy at home.

Walk away if you find anything below

If you find anything from below, walk away. Don’t get a puppy from them.

  • If the breeder doesn’t allow you to meet the puppy parents and siblings.
  • If he doesn’t allow you to visit their place and offer you to meet in a public place.
  • If he can’t provide you the proof of vaccination, deworming, or health certificates with pet support.
  • If he can’t provide you the genuine vet’s contact details.
  • If their puppies are not microchipped.

Important tips for Cavachon buying


  • Make sure to meet the puppy at least twice before taking it home.
  • Find out the puppies are weaned.
  • Inquire about the mum’s age; she should be over a year but not obviously old.
  • Make sure the mum doesn’t have more than six liters.
  • Check the living place and environment of the parents and puppies.
  • Pick your puppy and play with him.
  • You can also give a blanket to your puppy to familiarize him with your home scent.
  • Check the puppy’s eyes, ears, and bottom and make sure they are clean.

Final Thoughts

Buying a Cavachon is no less than a challenge, especially when you own a dog for the first time. You can’t go and get the dog from anywhere; it’s always good to do research before. But you don’t need to worry; we have done all the research work to guide you through buying a perfect Cavachon puppy. You can follow the below steps to get the right Cavachon puppy.

  • Buy a puppy from a breeder
  • Find the right Cavachon breeder
  • Don’t buy a puppy if you have any doubt

These things will automatically lead you to an ideal Cavachon puppy for your family. It’s also important to don’t overthink. Please clear everything that is in your mind before owning Cavachon.

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