Cavachons Temperament – Complete Guide

If you are looking to own a dog for your family, it’s important to know about his Temperament first. It becomes more important when you are looking for a dog for your family. Families always need a dog with a strong Temperament. In this article, we will tell you everything about the Cavachons Temperament. So, if you have decided to own a Cavachon for your family, this article will be very helpful. We have talked with many professionals and actual owners to write about the Cavachons Temperament. Our team of dog lovers also has great knowledge about this lovely cross breed.


They are very intelligent, playful, and overall merry dogs like their ancestors. They get along well with the other canine companions and children. Their enough energy enables them to take out for long walks at least several times a week. However, their early socialization is always important to make them well-educated and obedient adult dogs. Some individuals might take after their Cavalier genes and love to chase small animals, especially when taken out in parks or the woods. Let’s know more about the Cavachons Temperament.

Energetic and Playful

Cavachons are known for their energetic and playful nature. They love to spend their time playing with other animals and children. You can also take them outside for long walks at least several times a week. Daily short walks are mandatory to meet their exercise needs. They can build separation anxiety if left alone for a long time.

Lack of aggression

One of the best temperament traits of the Cavachons is their lack of aggression. They can be a little possessive and bark at strangers; however, they never attack strangers and other dogs. That’s why these dogs can’t make good guard dogs.

Strong Temperament

Overall, Cavachons are known for their strong Temperament, which makes them live anywhere. Even they can also adjust to apartment life. Their strong Temperament with small size makes them an ideal breed for families. However, they always need proper care to prevent them from negative effects.

Factors affecting Cavachon Temperament

When it comes to Cavachons temperament, it can depend upon various factors. Just like humans, their personality and Temperament mostly depend upon the interplay of genes and environment. Below are some of the factors that affect a Cavachon Temperament.

Genetic influences

The Cavachons Temperament can be influenced by its hereditary baggage. There are higher chances of getting a shy Cavachon after mating two shy parents. So, it’s important to deal with reputable Cavachon breeders who always test their Cavachons Temperament before breeding. It’s difficult to change the personality of a Cavachon that is wired deep in its genes. However, behavior modification help for a little bit of improvement.

Litter Size

Litter size is also a big factor that influences the Cavachon Temperament. Usually, a mother with a large litter has a hard time taking care of their pups, which influences their future behaviors. Your Cavachon puppy spends at least eight weeks with his mother and litter mates. So, these eight weeks of learning play an important role in his overall Temperament.


Cavachon puppies need to socialize between four weeks to four months during their critical phase. During this phase, puppies need to learn as much as they can about the different aspects of their life. So, make sure to expose your Cavachon to as many people, noises, pets, and places. This will help your puppy to grow into a stable dog that will not react to new people, places, or sounds. Lack of all these socialization needs can cause anxiety or aggression to your Cavachon.



Health is another important factor that can influence Cavachon behaviors. A healthy mind is always good for a healthy body. So, if you notice any sudden behavioral problems in your dog, try to immediately contact the veterinarian. Some of their aggression problems may be linked with health problems such as low thyroid levels. Even the Cavachons with some kind of pain can also face behavior changes.


The environment can also affect the Cavachon Temperament. So, the owners have to play their role here. If your litter is raised in dark garages without sensorial stimulation, he may be affected for life. The abused Cavachons may also undergo behavioral changes. Any kind of bad experience can make them fearful and defensive. However, their confidence grows with good experiences. Even a good environment can also help the Cavachons born with bad genes to turn them into good dogs.

Are Cavachons calm dogs?

Cavachons are known for their lack of aggressive behavior. It’s a great breed for you that can go along to work. They usually behave well and are very quiet as long as they are along with their owners. Their strong Temperament makes them good calm dogs.

Do Cavachons bark much?

No, Cavachons don’t bark as much as the other small dog breeds. Many Cavachon owners and breeders describe them as quiet dogs. However, they can bark at strangers and can make excellent watchdogs.

Can the Cavachons be aggressive?

Cavachon is a calm dog breed. They are pretty neutral and quickly become friends and love other pets. However, they can become fearful and potentially aggressive if you don’t socialize them early.

How to calm a Cavachon?

Cavachons are known for their calmness. However, if somehow, they lose their calmness, you can take them for a walk. It’s the best way to get rid of pent-up energy and relieve stress and anxiety. After that, make sure to pet your dog often.

Are Cavachons prone to anxiety?

Yes, Cavachons can build anxiety. They love to spend their time with their families. So, when you leave them alone for longer, there are higher chances of building anxiety. They are prone to separation anxiety.

Final Thoughts

The Temperament of a dog is very important, especially for families. They always need a dog with a strong temperament that can easily adjust to them. In this article, we have discussed everything about the Cavachon Temperament. They are known for their energetic and playful temperament. However, their Temperament can depend upon the following factors.

  • Genetic influences
  • Litter size
  • Socialization
  • Health
  • Environment

All these factors somehow affect your Cavachon Temperament. Their first eight weeks are very important, which they usually spend in their breeding places. However, you have to take their special care after bringing them home.

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