Cavachon Coat Colors – Complete Guide

Cavachons come in a wide variety of coat colors. There are no registered colors for this breed as they can come in various colors depending upon their parent colors. These colors can vary in degrees from one another. However, some of their most common colors are black, apricot, red, brown, and white. Sometimes they also come with black markings. In fact, a Cavachon can have any color with each pairing; we can’t predict the colors that we will get after pairing. They also come in many bi-color and tri-color variations, which include white and black, black and brown, etc. Many breeders get a rainbow Cavachon litter with 3 or more different colors in the same litter.


We have personally met with many breeders and Cavachon owners to provide you with a complete guide about the Cavachon colors range. Different brightening colors of the Cavachon increase the love of Cavachons in the dog lover’s heart. Their soft and silky coat that is medium to long looks stunning in different colors. Coat color variations are one of the main features that play an important role in Cavachon’s price. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading our guide about the shining coat colors of the Cavachons. Let’s see the different coat colors of the Cavachons.


white cavachon

Cavachons usually come in a mix of dual-color or tricolor, consisting of white, black, tan, or apricot markings. But you can also find a Cavachon with a completely white coat. A white-coat Cavachon has shining white fur all over the body. Sometimes you can find little brown fur on the white coat, which falls in the dual color category of the Cavachon. Usually, you can find the white color of the Cavachon in every color combination, including black, brown, red, and apricot.


black cavachon

You can also find a completely black Cavachon, which may have a few whitish hairs on its chest. The black-colored Cavachons with small nose gives a stunning look to dog lovers. Sometimes the black-colored Cavachons also have some white coat around their mouth and nose. You can also find the black color of the Cavachons in the mix of their dual and tricolors. You may also find a little white hair on the paws of a black-colored Cavachon.


brown Cavachon

A Cavachon can have a completely brown coat. This is another attractive single color of the Cavachons. The brown-colored Cavachons can have a completely light or dark brown coat, which looks shining with their silky fur. Sometimes, you may also see a slight whitish touch in their brown coat. Their brown coat also combines the black and white coats in their dual and tri-colored coats. Usually, the brown-colored Cavachons have white fur on their chest.

Red or Solid Apricot

red and apricot cavachon

Red-colored Cavachon is the darker version of the brown-colored Cavachons. They have a completely dark reddish-colored coat. Sometimes people also mix their red color with the brown color as it’s not a shining red color as you may think. Their red can also have a few white hairs on their chest. You can also find their red color with a combination of other colors such as white, black, and brown. Usually, people prefer the red color with the shining white coat. Sometimes they are also referred to as solid apricot Cavachons.


cream cavachon

The cream Cavachons have a completely cream-colored coat. They have cream coat all over their body. Their cream coat also gives a slightly whitish look. You can also find their cream coat with the combination of some other coat colors such as white and brown. Sometimes the white-colored Cavachon features a cream coat around their face and ears. You may also have seen the Cavachons with cream-colored markings.

White and Black

black and white cavachon

This is the most common dual-colored combination of the Cavachons. The black and white coats of the Cavachons come in a variety of looks. You can find the black coat on the different body parts of the Cavachons along with their white coat. You may have seen the black and white Cavachon with a black coat around the face, a black coat on their upper back, a black coat around their ears, and black around the eyes, with a white coat.

White and Red

white and red cavachon

This is another common dual-colored combination of Cavachons. The white-colored Cavachons usually have red-colored marking on the different parts of their body. You may have seen the red on their ears, around the eyes, or on the upper back. The complete red coat of whitish fur is one of the main variations of the white and red coats.

White and Tan

white and tan cavachon 1

White and tan Cavachon has a combination of white, black, and brown fur, which mix up to give the white and tan look. These cute and adorable Cavachons look stunning. They usually have brown and black hairs around the face and upper back. The black and brown colored hairs mix up to give a tan look with their white coat. You can find them in a variety of looks depending upon the tan patches on their coat.

White and Brown

white adn brown cavachon

You can find the white and brown colored Cavachon in their dual-colored variations. Their brown colors can go either way with their white coat. You may find that the Cavachon has a larger part of their body covered with a brown coat or a brown coat on a few parts of their body. Usually, they have brown around their face, around the eyes, or on the ears. They can also have Brown on their face and back with white sides and chests.

Black and Brown

balck and brown

Black and brown is another attractive coat color variation of the Cavachons. These colored Cavachons usually have black all over their body except their chest below legs. Sometimes they also have brown around their mouth and above the eyes. You can also find the black and brown color with white color in their tri-colored combination. Sometimes the black-colored Cavachons can also be found with light brown fur.

Black, white, and Brown

black brown and white cavachon

This is the tri-colored variation of the Cavachons. You can find them in black, white, and brown colored combinations. These types of Cavachons usually have black around the face and back, with a brown and white chest. However, they can also have white all over the body and black around the face and ears with brown around the eyes.

What is Blenheim Cavachon?

The Blenheim Cavachon is apricot and white-colored puppy. They usually feature the apricot color on their ears and around the eyes, and this color varies in the amount on their body. They are also referred to as party-colored Cavachons that sometimes look redder and whiter.

Do Cavachons lose their color?

Yes, a Cavachon can lose its color with its growth. They have a non-shedding, long coat that usually loses its color with age. The Cavachons that are born sable usually lose their coloring and fade white as adults due to their Bichon gene. Are all Cavachons white?

Cavachon Pictures

Are all Cavachons White?

No, you can find them in many other colors. White is one of the main colors of the Pomchis, but they can also come in dual-color or tricolor and other solid colors. They can have white, black, tan, or apricot markings.

Final Thoughts

Cavachons come in a variety of stunning colors. You can find them in many solid, dual, and tricolors. Some of their common colors include the following

  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
  • White and Brown
  • White and Black
  • Black and Brown
  • White, Black, and Brown

All these colors are very stunning with the perfect shape and size of Cavachons. These shining and good-looking colors make these adorable dogs a perfect family pet.

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