Cavachon Size Guide – Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large Sizes

Cavachons are relatively more characterized as a small dog breed than other dogs. Their small to medium size is perfect for families. People love to have this small size dog as a family pet. In this article, we are going to tell you everything about the Cavachon size. Generally, you can expect a grown Cavachon to be on the small side. Usually, a fully grown Cavachon weighs between 15 to 35 pounds and is no taller than 13 inches at the withers. Sometimes you can also find the Cavachons under 12 pounds, but only a handful of Cavachons are under 12 pounds.

cavachon size guide

Most of the Cavachons have normal weight or skinny. However, after 18 months, your Cavachon can become a little chunkier. But make sure to prevent the Cavachon from becoming obese as it can lead them to various health issues. So, the additional exercise is a great way to prevent them from getting extra weight. Despite their small size, they love to play fetch, go for walks, and also like some dog sports like agility. Let’s know more about the Cavachon size.

Cavachon Size

Most of the Cavachons weigh around 15 pounds that are regarded as medium-sized Cavachons. But you can also rarely find them in some other sizes. We have personally visited many breeders and kennels and found that a Cavachon can also have a weight under 12 pounds. According to our research, we can divide the Cavachons into four different sizes depending on their weight. Their four different sizes include the extra small, small, medium, and large sizes. But the majority of the puppies are small to medium in size. Many people also known their small size variations as Mini Cavachon. The below chart helps you to understand the Cavachon sizes depending upon their weight.


So, you can find some extra small Cavachons and also find some fairly large puppies. You can decide which size will perfectly fit your family. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the puppies that will be large or medium in size. So, you may get a puppy with an adult weight of 13 to 18 pounds. This breed closely resembles with teddy bear depending upon their size and thick, fluffy, wavy, or curly coat. Their beautiful look will absolutely melt your heart.

Fully Grown Cavachon Size

A fully grown Cavachon can have their size anywhere from 13 to 35 pounds depending on the genes they inherit from their parents. We know it’s a mixed breed of Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Spaniel. A Bichon Frise can have 9 to 11 inches in height with 11 to 22 pounds in weight. A fully grown Cavalier King Spaniel can get 12 to 13 inches in height with 13 to 18 pounds in weight. We can see that both of these breeds are quite similar in their size. Both of these breeds are neither classified as small breeds or big breeds.

Cavachons can take the physical characteristics of either of their parents. Commonly you can see the Cavachon stand out around 12 inches with 13 to 18 pounds weight. But keep in mind that these dogs can vary in size and can have extra small and extra-large sizes.

Male and Female Cavachon Size

male femal cavachon sizes

The Cavachon size also depends upon their gender. Generally, female Cavachons are slightly smaller than male Cavachons.

  • Female Cavachon: A female Cavachon can have 10 to 11 inches height at the shoulder with 9 to 14 pounds weight.
  • Male Cavachon: A male Cavachon can have 11 to 13 inches height at the shoulder with 12 to 16 pounds weight.

First generation and multi-generation Cavachon size

The Cavachon size can also depend upon their generation. The first-generation Cavachons might have more unpredictable genetics than the multi-generation Cavachons. Multi-generation Cavachon parents already were Cavachons. So, it’s easier to predict the adult size in multi-generation Cavachon. The first-generation Cavachon may grow up to be unusually tall or unusually small.

Keeping Cavachon at a healthy Weight

Cavachon size 1It’s important to keep the Cavachon at a healthy weight to prevent them from overweight issues. You have to feed them the right nutrition to help them to reach their full-size potential. Many owners start feeding the wet food to their Cavachon from a young age. Most of the puppies are low in weight as they are putting their food towards growth. However, after 18 months of their age, they are much more susceptible to putting on excess weight. For small dog breeds like Cavachons, it’s important to keep them at a healthy weight. So, continue feeding them high-quality food according to size, activity, and age. Although, your vet gives you the best advice to keep your Cavachon at a healthy weight. You can do the following things to keep your Cavachon at a healthy weight.

Cut Their Food

Cut the extra food to prevent your Cavachons from getting extra weight. Feed them according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and don’t offer them too many treats.

Add Exercise

You can also add exercise to your Cavachons routine to prevent them from getting extra weight. But don’t over-exercise them and ensure their exercise in accordance with their age. The young puppies shouldn’t be exercised with too much exertion. You can make a simple rule.

  • 15 minutes walk for 3-month-old Cavachon
  • 30 minutes walk for 6-months-old Cavachon
  • Up to an hour walk for 9-months-old Cavachon

Work slowly on their exercise as it’s a small breed. Generally, a Cavachon only needs 30 minutes to one hour of exercise per day.

When is a Cavachon fully grown?

Small dogs reach their adult size faster than the large breeds. Usually, small dog breeds like Cavachon are done with their growing around one year of age. However, their spay or neuter can make a difference in their growth.

  • The dogs that are spayed or neutered very early usually grow taller because they lack the hormones that tell the body to stop growing. The difference can only be about 1 to 2 inches from normal Cavachons.
  • The dogs that are spayed or neutered late are usually smaller than those that are neutered or spayed early. Generally, the males have a wide chest and more pronounced muscles on their hind end.

Cavachon size 2

How to maintain the ideal weight for Cavachon?

Maintaining an ideal weight for Cavachon is important to prevent them from health issues. You have to feed your Cavachon a little bit less between the age of 1 to 2 years. You can easily assess their weight by running your fingers alongside his sides. If you notice any layer of fat on their ribs, it’s time to cut down their food. Additional exercise is also good to keep the Cavachon lean and healthy. Check out our Cavachon feeding guide to get more idea about their diet.

Final Thoughts

Cavachon is the right contender for people who are looking to own small to medium-sized dogs. They have a very loving temperament, are intelligent, and are always eager to learn new things. Their manageable size makes them one of the best breeds for families. They can appear well in apartments and even urban areas. You can own them whether you have a large or small house without a yard. Their average weight is around 15 pounds with 12 inches in height.

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