Black Cavachon – Appearance, Size, and More

Cavachons can come in different colors depending on their parent colors. The solid black color is one of their attractive colors for dog lovers. The black-colored Cavachons, with their shiny and silky coat, catch the eyes from long distances. Sometimes the black-colored Cavachons also have minor linings on the below chest. These linings can have a white or brown color. Their black color also combines other colors such as white, brown, red, and tan. In this article, we will tell you everything about the black-colored Cavachons.


The Cavachon puppies usually come in the colors that are common in Charles King Spaniel and Bichon Frise. Black is one of the common colors in Charles King Spaniel and Bichon Frise. You can also get a Cavachon puppy with black patterns. So, we can say that black is a common color of Cavachons, which can come in a combination of many other colors. Let’s know more about the black Cavachons.


The Cavachons with a solid black coat are regarded as black Cavachons. But they can also have small other colors patches on their chest. Usually, these colors are white and brown. However, their face, back, and upper are solid black. They look stunning in their black coat around their face with black eyes. The black Cavachons can also have slightly white on their paws. Sometimes black also appears in their tri-colored pattern. In which pattern the black color comes, it looks stunning and appealing for dog lovers.



The color of the Cavachon doesn’t affect their size. The Cavachons size depends upon the size of their parents. There are not many differences in their sizes. But still, they can be divided into three different sizes with small variations. These sizes include the extra small, small, and large sizes. You can find the solid black color in all of their sizes as their size depends upon their parent sizes. But the solid black color with extra small size is favorite of many Cavachon lovers.


Cavachons grooming is slightly dependent upon their color, especially their bathing. The lighter color Cavachons may need frequent bathing as compared to the darker colors like black. The black color Cavachons need minimum bathing than the white-colored Cavachons that may look duller after some time. But you have to maintain their other grooming needs such as cutting, teeth brushing, coat brushing, and ear cleaning like all the other colored Cavachons. You have to brush their coat regularly to prevent it from mating.


The color of the Cavachon doesn’t affect their temperament. All the Cavachon colors, including the black, white, bi-colors, and tri-colors, can have the same temperament depending on the environment. Naturally, the black color Cavachons have a strong temperament and adjust perfectly with the families. They can spend maximum time playing with family members. Their strong temperament with black color makes them a good breed to spend outside without worrying much about the coat dullness.

Life Span

The life span of a Cavachon is also doesn’t affect by its coat color. The different coat-colored Cavachons can have the same life span depending upon some other factors. Their life span mostly depends upon their feeding, care, grooming, health, etc. So, a black color Cavachon can have a life span from 13 to 15 years, just like the other colored Cavachons.


The health of the Cavachon is doesn’t affect by their color. They can have different types of health issues depending upon their parents’ health. Some of the common health issues of the Cavachons include Mitral valve disease, atopic dermatitis, heart murmur, cataracts, and patellar luxation. So, your black color Cavachon can also face these health issues.


The Cavachon price somehow depends upon their color as well. Some of their colors are more demanding than others, which increases their demand. When we talk about solid black, they can have their price anywhere from $2000 to $6000. Even you can also get a black-colored Cavachon for $700 to $800. But make sure to get a puppy from a reputable Cavachon breeder. You may get a puppy from them slightly expensive, but they always ensure their parents Cavachons good health before breeding.

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Final Thoughts

Cavachons come in many attractive coat colors. Solid black is one of their demanding and stunning color for Cavachon lovers. A solid black colored Cavachon have black on their face, upper, and back. However, sometimes they have small patches of brown and white on their chest. You can also find the back color in the following combinations.

  • Bi-colored Cavachon
  • Tri-colored Cavachon
  • Black Cavachon with small patches
  • Black Cavachon with small linings

All these Cavachons are referred to as black-colored Cavachons. Sometimes you may have to spend a little more to get a black-colored Cavachon depending upon their demand.

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