Bi-colored Cavachon – Appearance, Size, and More

Cavachons come in various color variations, including single, bi-color, and tri-color variations. In this article, we will particularly talk about their bi-color variations. Their bi-color variations include white and black, black and brown, sable and white, apricot and white, and more. All of these variations of the Cavachons are very attractive for dog lovers. If you are thinking of owning a bi-colored Cavachon, this article is for you. Here we have discussed every possible combination of the bi-colored Cavachons.

Bi-colored Cavachon

All of their bi-colored combinations can come in different sizes depending upon their parents. We have personally talked with some actual owners and visited many Cavachon breeders to write about the bi-colored Cavachons. Some of the below bi-colored Cavachons are common, but some may be a little hard to find. However, all of the below combinations exist. Let’s have a look in detail at the Bi-colored Cavachons.


A bi-colored Cavachon can have a combination of any of the two colors from white, black, brown, or cream colors. Their black and white and black and brown are the most common bi-colored coat. However, rarely you can also find them in other colored combinations. Let’s discuss each of their bi-colored combination in detail.

Black and White

black and white cavachon triBlack and white are one the most common bi-colored combinations of the Cavachons. A white and black Cavachon can have different combinations depending upon the black and white patches on his body. They can have black around their face with white on all of their body or white around the face with black on all of their body. Sometimes the black patches only appeared on their chest and paws. However, their appearance is not only restricted to this combination, but they can also come in any combination of black and white depending upon the coat genes they inherit from their parents.

Black and Brown

black and brown triBlack and brown is another common bi-colored coat variation of the Cavachons. Their whole body is covered with black and brown coat, which can appear on any part of their body. Sometimes most of their body part is covered with a black coat with small brown patches. They can have brown hairs above the eyes, around the mouth, and on the chest with black on all other body parts. However, black and brown Cavachons appearance is not only restricted to this, but you can also find a lot of other variations depending upon their parents.

Sable and White

white and sable 2Sable and white is another bi-colored variation of the Cavachons. However, it’s not common like black and white and black and brown Cavachons. These Cavachons have most of their body parts covered with white and sable patches around the face, ears, or legs. They look very beautiful with sable hairs around their face and black eyes.

Cream and White

crream and white cavachonThe bi-colored Cavachons can also have a complete coat with some cream hairs on their body. They look stunning in this combination, but it’s hard to find this rare combination of Cavachons. Their cream hairs usually appeared around their face. However, they can have cream anywhere on their body, including their paws.

Apricot and White

white and apricot 3Cavachons can also have a combination of apricot and white. This is another beautiful bi-colored variation of the Cavachons. Usually, they have apricot color on their ears, with white on all of their other body. Sometimes they also have apricot on their upper back and paws. Whichever combination you are going to have, don’t confuse the apricot with brown color.

Brown and White

WHITE ADN BROWN 5The bi-colored Cavachons can also have brown and white coats. Their brown coat usually appears around their face and ears, and sometimes they also have brown on the back of their body and on the chest. However, you can find a brown and white Cavachon in any combination.


Bi-colored Cavachons can come in different sizes like all the other Cavachons, which include an extra mall, small, and large sizes. All of these sizes can range from 12 to 18 inches in height to 15 to 35 pounds in weight. Their average size is around 13 inches with 15 to 18 pounds weight. These are perfect for families depending upon their small size. Even they can also adjust to apartment life.



Cavachons need proper care of their coat to maintain their perfect look. You can daily brush their coat to prevent the mats and tangles. Daily brushing also removes their dead hairs. These are hypoallergenic dogs, which shed less as compared to usual dogs. If you have a darker bi-colored Cavachon, he may need less bathing than the white and cream-colored Cavachon. Their cream and white color look duller quickly; however, don’t bathe them frequently to prevent them from dry skin. Read our Cavachon grooming guide to get more information about the their grooming.


Cavachons are known for their strong temperament, irrespective of their coat color. They are very energetic and love to spend time with kids. However, the environment is the major factor that plays a role in their temperament. You can start their training early to get perfect results. Make sure to socialize with other animals to make them perfect pets.


Health is another major concern, which is not depending upon the Cavachon’s coat color. Fortunately, they are less prone to health issues than other mixed dog breeds. However, they can have certain health issues such as cataracts, patellar luxation, mitral, and skin issues. Whichever colored Cavachon you are going to have, make sure to take their proper care to prevent them from serious health issues.

Life Span

Cavachons are known for their longer life span than other small dog breeds. A healthy Cavachon can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years. You can maintain their good care, diet, and vet checks to improve their life span. However, you can lose your lovely Cavachon well before their average life span due to a serious health attack.


The price of a Cavachon somehow depends upon its coat color. Some colors are more demanding in some areas as compared to the others, making them slightly higher in price. When talking about their bi-colored variations, their most common colors are white and black and black and brown. Their rare bi-colored combinations are white and cream and sable and white.

Note: Visit our Cavachon buying guide to get some useful buying tips. 

Final Thoughts

Bi-colored Cavachons are very popular among people due to their unique coat look. They can have a combination of any two colors white, black, brown, cream, and apricot. Their most common bi-colored combinations are black and white and black and brown. You can find a bi-colored Cavachon in any of the following combinations.

  • White and black
  • White and brown
  • Black and brown
  • White and apricot
  • White and sable
  • Cream and white

All these above bi-colored variations are very attractive for Cavachon lovers. Whichever variations of Cavachon you are going to get, make sure to find a reputable breeder to ensure the best Cavachon puppy.

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