Black and Brown Cavachon – Size, Appearance, and More

Cavachons come in many attractive and bright colors. The black and brown Cavachon is good for you if you are looking for a dark color combination. These Cavachons have black and brown fur on their coat. In this article, we will tell you everything about the black and brown Cavachons, including their appearance, size, and more. We will explain each and everything about this color variation of the Cavachons. All these things are necessary to know before owning.


We have done a lot of research work on our end and personally met with many Cavachon breeders to tell you about the black and brown Cavachons. Their black and brown coat itself comes with a lot of variations. Black and brown Cavachons can have more parts of their body covered with a black coat or brown coat than other Cavachon colors. Let’s get started with the complete overview of the black and brown Cavachons.


Black and brown Cavachons look like the other colored Cavachons in their personality and size. However, their coat color makes them different from the other colored Cavachons. Their whole body is covered with black and brown coats, which come in many variations. Their whole body may be covered with a black coat, and brown only appears on their chest and face. Sometimes their brown color also appears on their legs as well. You can also find their brown and black coat in tri-colored Cavachons with white color. Their brown and black coats also mix up to give a tan look.


The black and brown Cavachons can come in three sizes like other colored Cavachon sizes, which include their extra small, small, and large size. However, there is not much difference in all of their sizes. In general, Cavachons are regarded as small-sized dogs, making them good for families. Even they can also live in apartments. You just have to ensure your Cavachon training at an early age.



Grooming is very important for any dog breed to maintain its overall look. It usually does not depends upon their color, but their bathing may slightly depend upon their coat color. Their bright colors may need to bathe more frequently as compared to their dark colors. So, you can expect a black and brown Cavachon to bathe less frequently as compared to their white-colored coat. However, don’t bathe your dog more frequently as it can cause them to lose their skin oil and lead them to dry skin. All the other grooming needs of the Cavachons are the same such as hair cutting, nail trimming, and teeth cleaning.


Cavachons are temperamentally strong dogs irrespective of their colors. They are very energetic and playful and love to spend their time with their owners. It’s an intelligent dog breed that can pick the commands quickly; however you have to be patient while training any dog breed. Don’t be harsh on them, as it’s not a good way to train dogs.


In general, Cavachons are healthy dogs irrespective of their colors. They have fewer chances of inheriting the parent diseases as a mixed dog breed. However, they can face some health problems, including Cataracts, Patellar Luxation, Skin Issues, and Mitral. If your Cavachons have any of these issues, try to contact your vet immediately.

Life Span

A Cavachon can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years irrespective of their colors. Their health, caring, and daily routine are the main factors that are affecting their life span. Usually, these are less prone to health issues like the other active dog breeds. So, if you want your black and brown Cavachon to live a healthy life, take care of their feeding, exercise, and daily routine. Read our Cavachon life span guide to get better idea about their life span.

Cavachon Pictures


There can be small variations in Cavachon prices depending upon their coat color. Some of their coat colors are more popular among dog lovers than others. Their brown and black coat can also be a little more expensive in some states than in others. The average price of Cavachons is $2070, which can range from $1700 to $2500.

Note: Visit our Cavachon buying guide to get some useful buying tips. 

Final Thoughts

Black and brown is one the attractive combination of the Cavachons. They have a brown and black coat on all of their body. Usually, their back and upper are covered with a black coat, and brown appears on their face and chest. However, they can have any combination depending upon their parents. They look attractive and stunning in their black and brown coats with black noses and eyes. Whichever color of Cavachons you are going to purchase, ensure the quality of the Cavachon breeder to have a perfect Cavachon puppy for your family.

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