When do Cavachons stop Chewing?

Cavachon is a very popular and loving breed for families, known for their cheerful personalities and loyal nature. However, sometimes they can become a handful for families due to their teething and chewing habits. They chew the things to relieve the discomfort and stimulate their gums during the teething process. This is normal behavior for dogs, but it can be frustrating and destructive to the owners. In the article, we will answer the question “When do Cavachons stop chewing?”, which will help you to know about their chewing habits.

when do cavachons stop chewing

As a Cavachon owner, you need to know when your Cavachon will stop chewing excessively. In the end, we will also provide you with some tips to help them through this uncomfortable phase. It’s important to manage this behavior, so you can enjoy a harmonious and happy relationship with your furry companion. Let’s see in detail when your Cavachon will stop chewing.

When do Cavachons stop chewing?

Typically, a Cavachon stops chewing at the age of two years. At this age, they fully developed their adult teeth and jaws, which reduces their need of chewing excessively. However, some individuals are different and continue to chew even after this period. They continue to chew toys and other items throughout their life as it’s become their habit.

Tips to help the Cavachons to stop chewing

If your Cavachon also develops a habit of chewing, you can help them by following the below tips.

  • Cavachon PicturesYou can provide safe chewing toys to your Cavachon dog. There are plenty of safe and durable Cavachon toys available. These toys keep the Cavachons interested and engaged even when they are alone at home.
  • Every family dog needs some obedience classes to learn basic commands like “leave it” and “drop it.” This training helps them to learn what is acceptable to chew and what is not good for them.
  • Make sure your Cavachon is getting plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. This is not only keeping them busy but also good for their overall health. It’s observed that dogs chew excessively in boredom and frustration.
  • It’s also important to keep an eye on Cavachon when thesy are playing with chewing toys. Make sure they are not chewing any inappropriate chewing toys, which can cause choking hazards for them.
  • If your Cavachon is still a puppy or young dog, start their crate training. When you are not at home and unable to supervise them, you can keep them in the crate to prevent them from any chewing trouble.

Final Thoughts

Every dog goes through a period where they love to chew different items. Cavachon also goes through this period at two years of age. Some individuals built this habit and continue chewing throughout their life. So, it’s important to provide them with appropriate chewing toys to prevent them from any dangers. You can also train them or exercise them to keep them busy. Consider crate training your dog to keep them in the crate while they are alone at home. With the right training, your Cavachon also learns to chew the appropriate items and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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