When do Cavachons go into heat? – Signs To Notice During Their Heat Cycle

Cavachons go into a heat cycle, where their body undergoes some changes to attract the male dogs, get bred, and have puppies. Most of the dogs come into heat when they are still a puppy, which can be as early as four months. This usually happens with toy dogs, when we talk about larger dogs, they may not go into their heat cycle until their second year. You may not notice the first heat cycle of your dog, which is usually mild. In this article, we answer the question “When do Cavachons go into heat?”, which is necessary to know for the Cavachon owners.

when do cavachons go into heat

Male dogs are attracted to the female from the first day of heat, but it’s not bred until the second or third week of the heat. This is the time when you can also take your dog to the breeder as during this time she will stand and allow the male to mount. Let’s know more about the Cavachon heat cycle.

When do Cavachons go into heat?

Like other dog breeds, Cavachons go into a heat cycle for the first time between six months and one year of age. However, it can also happen earlier or later than this. The exact can vary depending upon different factors such as breed, genetics, and environment. Make sure to take appropriate precautions during this cycle if you don’t want your Cavachon dog to become pregnant. Additionally, keep your Cavachon clean and comfortable during this time as she can experience some discomfort or behavior changes during this period.

How can I tell if my Cavachon is going through a heat cycle?

You can focus on the following signs like personality changes and spotting if your Cavachon is going through a heat cycle.

Personality Changes

Cavachons go through some physical changes during their heat cycle. You may find her more nervous, shy, or affectionate during their heat cycle. Sometimes they are even more aggressive as they get closer to coming into heat. Some of them may even have swollen vulva or even have swollen nipples. She may urinate every time you walk her to alert the other dogs in the area that she will soon be ready for breeding.


Your Cavachon may start bloody discharge from her vulva when she is going through this stage. You will notice it’s and it’s very uncommon. There may be only a few drops on the first day that will always decrease as the time of ovulation approaches.

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Swollen Vulva

This is the most common sign of the female dog during their heat cycle. She starts swelling the vulva, which can be the first sign that you may notice.

Changes in Appetite

Female dogs also experience changes in appetite during their heat cycle. Some may experience a decrease in appetite, while others become more voracious.

Increased Urination

Sometimes Cavachons urinate more often during their heat cycle. By doing so, they try to mark their territory and attract the male dogs.


Like all the other dog breeds, Cavachons also go through their heat cycle. During this period the females undergo some body changes to attract the male dogs for breeding. A Cavachon may pass through her first heat cycle at the age of six months to one year. However, it depends upon different factors such as genetics, breed, and environment. During this period, your Cavachon shows some behavioral changes and spotting. Make sure to take some precautions if you don’t want your Cavachon to get pregnant.

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