Mini Cavachon – Appearance, Size, and More

Cavachons come in different sizes, depending upon their parent sizes. Mini Cavachon is one of their most regarded sizes. However, there is not much difference in all of their sizes. In fact, they are always on the small side, depending upon their size. As a mixed breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise, you can expect them to like Bichons that are similar to Mini Poodle. They are known for their beautiful coat with their small size. In this article, we will tell you everything about the Mini Cavachons, including their appearance, size, and more.


We know the mini sizes are always very attractive for families. They love to have these small-size breeds as a family member. Generally, a Cavachon can be anywhere from 13 to 35 pounds with 13 inches in height. However, a Mini Cavachon always stays under 18 pounds weight. Let’s see in detail about the Mini Cavachons.


Mini Cavachons are like all the other Cavachons in their appearance, irrespective of their size. You can find them in all the normal coat colors, such as white, black, brown, apricot, bi-color, and tri-color combinations. Their coat can also be long or short depending upon the genes they inherit from their parents. They mostly appeared like the Bichon Frise; however, they can also inherit the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel coat. Whichever coat color of Mini Cavachon you are going to get, you are going to get a beautiful dog in appearance.


Cavachons are always on the small side, depending upon their size. However, their mini size always stays under 18 pounds. Their extra small sizes are even smaller than the Mini size, often regarded as toy Cavachon or extra small Cavachon. There is not much difference in their height. But some may be a little healthier than others, depending on their genes.



You have to take care of your Mini Cavachon grooming to maintain their look. It’s an important part of any dog’s life, irrespective of its size. You have to brush their coat, clip their nails, and bathe them on time. It’s necessary to prevent their coat from mating and tangling. Their light colors may need more frequent grooming than the darker colors. Take their special care during bathing, especially the small size Cavachons, to prevent them from any injury.


The temperament of the Cavachons doesn’t depend upon their size. They usually have strong temperaments, which makes them excellent dogs for families. They are energetic like all the other breeds and prefer to spend time playing with kids. Their small size makes them adjust easily to apartment life. However, early training is always good to make them excellent family dogs.


Hybrid dog breeds always have fewer chances of inheriting health issues than purebred dogs. So, you can expect your Mini Cavachon to be a healthy dog. However, they can have certain health issues, including cataracts, patellar luxation, and mitral and skin issues.

Life Span

Generally, the small-sized dog breeds live longer than the larger breeds. So, you can expect your Mini Cavachon to spend maximum happy years with you. The Mini Cavachon’s life span is between 12 to 15 years, depending upon different factors. You have to take their special care if you want your Cavachon to live many happy years with you.

Note: Visit our Cavachon life span guide to know in detail about their life span. 

Cavachon Pictures


The price of Cavachons can depend upon their size. Usually, their smaller sizes are a little more expensive than their larger sizes. Generally, the Cavachons price varies between $1000 to $1500. Their average price is around $700. But their price can be slightly different depending upon their location, breeder, and color.

Final Thoughts

Cavachons come in different sizes depending upon their parent size. Mini Cavachon is one of their favorite sizes for families. However, there is not much difference in all their sizes. In this article, we have discussed everything about the Mini Cavachons, including the following points.

  • Appearance
  • Size
  • Life Span
  • Price

Mini Cavachons can come in different coat colors depending upon the parent colors. Their size makes them ideal dogs for families. Even they can also adjust to apartment life. You just have to take care of their proper feeding, exercising, and training to make them perfect family members.

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