Why do Cavachons lick so much? – Reasons For Cavachons Licking

Cavachons can also start licking to comfort themselves, just like the other dog breeds. But their licking behavior can turn into a bad habit that irritates their skin. They may begin to lick their body so much, especially their leg and food. If your Cavachon also starts licking so much, you have to visit the Vet as soon as possible. They can have any physical problems or any other issues. In this article, we will see why Cavachons lick so much.


Sometimes Cavachons are facing itching or allergy, so they start licking to get some relaxation. However, there can be many other reasons for their licking, such as the death of their fellow pet, the loss of a member of the family, temporary separation from the family, or stress can also be the reason. Let’s know in detail about the Cavachons licking.

Reasons for Cavachons Licking Behavior

As we listed above, some of the licking reasons in Cavachons. Let’s see in detail the common reasons for Cavachon’s licking behavior.

Death of a Fellow Pet

You may be surprised to know that, but many animals also go through a stressful phase due to the death of their fellow pet at home. This usually happens when both have a strong bond between them. They start licking to reduce the anxiety built due to their fellow pet’s death.

Loss a Member of Family

Cavachons make strong bonds with their family members. So, when they lose any of these members, they go through a stressful face. It’s hard for them to believe that their family member is no more with them, just like the humans. This stressful situation is also responsible for the Cavachons licking. They usually go through this phase when they lose their favorite family member.

Temporary Separation

When you don’t have much time to spend with Cavachons, this can also lead to separation anxiety. Cavachons like to spend their maximum time around humans. So, make sure to spend some time with your Cavachon daily.

Strong Bonding

Cavachon is very social and can make a strong bond with anyone. Whenever you see two dogs licking or your Cavachon licking any other pet at your home, they may be looking to make a strong bond with one another. This relaxing behavior promotes affection between two dogs, which is typical behavior in the animal kingdom. You may have seen the monkeys groom one another, which shows their strong bond. So, we can say that licking any other pets in the home can be your Cavachon’s way of showing a strong bond with them. It’s also very common that every household usually has two or more canines.

Want to Play

Cavachon likes to play different animal games. So, if they are licking their paws or any other body part, they may be in a playing mood. However, often their licking behavior can also be due to playfulness, such as the play bow.

Why do Cavachons lick their owners?

Licking the owner’s face and other body parts is a natural behavior of Cavachons when they are happy. It’s common among Cavachon and many other dog breeds. Even many dog lovers don’t mind their kisses, but most people don’t prefer their Cavachon’s tongue all over them. This is usually a sign of affection from Cavachons toward their owners. It can also be due to something tasty on your hands or just the general taste of salt. Cavachons prefer to explore the world with their tastebuds and nose. Many owners think that their licking behavior is cute during their puppy age, even if they reward them for it, which leads to reinforcing the licking. If this is the case with your Cavachon as well, it may be a little hard to break this habit.

why do cavachons lick their owners

When does Cavachon’s licking behavior become too excessive?

Cavachons are known for licking their paws and private body parts. However, sometimes they cross the line to being too excessive. In case of allergies, they often lick between the toes, around the hind end, and sometimes on their inner thighs. This can also be due to flea allergy. You have to pay attention to the skin quality of your Cavachon if he is licking too much. They can also have certain health issues if they are suffering from a medical issue. Check for wounds, pimples, or crust on their skin.

Their too excessive licking behavior can also be due to boredom and anxiety. So, it’s always good to engage the Cavachons in both mental and physical activities to decrease their licking. Certain licking behavior can also be due to gastrointestinal upset or nausea. If you notice any other symptoms, such as appetite and vomiting, take your Cavachon to the veterinarian immediately.

How to train my Cavachon not to lick too much?

If your Cavachon is licking too much, you can do a few things to minimize this behavior. The best thing you can do is to reward your Cavachon when you see him doing something other than the target behavior. So, you can offer them the following rewards for their good behavior.

  • Treats
  • Playing Toys
  • Affection and Cuddles

You can also command them “no Licking” when you see them locking. If he ceases the licking activity, reward him. Make sure to be consistent to get the results.

Why do Cavachons lick the hands and arms?

Your Cavachon is going to lick your hands and arms after eating a tasty meal. For example, if you eat chips, your Cavachon is going to lick your hands. However, many Cavachon owners also claim that their Cavachon lick their hands and arms without having a meal smell. In this case, licking can be a sign of affection. It means they wanted to bond with you further. It is also a relaxing activity for Cavachons, especially when you are watching a movie with them. They love to explore the world with their taste buds. They may be looking to quickly taste the unfamiliar skin flavor.

Final Thoughts

Licking is one of the normal behaviors of Cavachons, like many other dog breeds. They lick their paws and other body parts due to various reasons. However, sometimes they can also have serious health issues like allergies. In this article, we tell you some of the common reasons for Cavachons licking, which include the following.

  • Death of a fellow pet
  • Loss of a family member
  • Temporary separation
  • Strong bonding
  • Want to play

If you notice them continue licking, try to contact your veterinarian immediately. This can also be a sign of any serious health issue.

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