Full-Grown Cavachons – Complete Guide

Cavachon is a beautiful hybrid dog of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. But what about the Cavachon Size? How big can a full-grown Cavachon get? In this article, we will tell you everything about the full-grown Cavachons. Cavachons typically stand between 9-12 inches in height and weigh between 13 to 18 pounds on average. Generally, they are classified as small dog breeds, which can reach their final size by 10 to 12 months of age. However, in stature, they have been commonly described as athletic, neither muscular, hefty, nor lightweight.


This is another breed that closely resembles a teddy bear, which can melt your heart. Below we will take a closer look at their expected size in further detail. This will give you a better idea about their adult size. Let’s know about the full-grown Cavachons.

Full-grown Cavachon size

The final size of a fully grown Cavachon primarily depends upon the parents, which can have the following sizes.

  • Average Full-grown Bichon Frise: A full-grown Bichon Frise can reach 9 to 11 inches in height and 11 to 12 pounds in weight.
  • Average Full-grown Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: The average size of a full-grown Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is 12 to 13 inches in height and 13 to 18 pounds in weight.

We can see that both of Cavachon parents are quite similar in size. These are also classified as small dogs. So, a full-grown Cavachon will also not be a big dog. They can take the physical characteristic of either of their parents. A full-grown Cavachon can be anywhere between 14 to 20 pounds. It’s very common to see a full-grown Cavachon stand at 12 inches tall. However, bear in mind these dogs can vary in size.

Male and Female Full grown Cavachon

A male and female full-grown Cavachon can also have different sizes. The males can be slightly bigger than the female Cavachons. The female Cavachon can range from 10 to 11 inches tall at the shoulder, weighing 10 to 15 pounds. The male Cavachons can range from 11 to 13 inches at the shoulder with 12 to 20 pounds weight. However, there are a lot of factors that affect their size. One of the important factors is their paying or neutering. It can make a difference of almost one to half an inch.

At what age do Cavachons stop growing?

Usually, Cavachons stop growing between the ages of 10 to 12 months. However, depending on how big they ultimately get, they may continue filling for the next 3 months. The larger dogs take more time to reach their final size. So, as a hybrid of Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles, you can expect your Cavachon to never stop growing exactly at the same point. One of the other important factors that affect their growth is neutering. It’s noticed that the dogs spayed or neutered early in life tend to grow slightly taller.


Their spaying or neutering prevents the body from stopping a growing signal. In fact, the Cavachons that are spayed early can get an inch extra weight. The Cavachons that are neutered after their first year typically fill out more. Their increased level of hormones results in more muscle growth, and they tend to have a broader chest.

How Long is a Cavachon a puppy?

You can consider your Cavachon a puppy until the age of 18 months. They are still a puppy until their full final size. They go through three different growth stages, including physical maturity, mental maturity, and sexual maturity. All these stages have their own time to complete. The smaller breeds like Cavachons reach their maturity at 10 to 12 months. They may get the size of an adult Cavachon, but it’s not necessary that their behavior is also matching with them. You can’t understand their status relating to their energy level as they can show the same energy even at their full size. However, they can get pregnant as early as 6 months of age.

How to keep my full-grown Cavachon at a healthy weight?

It’s important to maintain the healthy weight of a full-grown Cavachon to prevent them from health issues. You have to provide them right nutrition to develop their structure and musculature. You can feed them wet food during their puppy age and change its amount with their growth. After 18 months, your Cavachon will be more susceptible to putting on excess weight. For small breeds like Cavachon, you can soon notice it. Make sure to feed them high-quality food depending upon their size, activity, and age. However, after two years, they usually earn less. A vet can give you the best advice about your full-grown Cavachon weight. Unfortunately, if your Cavachon begins to put on excess weight, make sure he loses it safely and healthily.

When are Cavachons done with their growing?

The puppy stage is very adorable for many dog breeds. But many owners are anxious about their Cavachon to reach to their full adult height and weight. This is when they need to make the transition from puppy food to the regular diet. Puppy food is specially designed for growing dogs. So, you have to switch soon when your dog is done with their growing. Most small dogs were done with their growing faster than the larger breeds. In fact, small breeds such as Cavachons are done with their growing around s6 to 8 months of age. However, it’s worth keeping their growing food for a bit longer as many individuals don’t reach their adult weight until twelve months.

So, you can take note of their weight to know when they are done with growing. You can keep track of their weight at home or take them to the groomer. The best you can do is to note their weight every time when you visit the veterinarian. If their weight doesn’t change for two to three visits, this will be the Cavachon’s adult weight.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to keep track of Cavachon’s size as you have to make the important transition of their food depending upon their growth. You have to make the transition from puppy food to adult food, depending upon their size. Generally, a Cavachon is fully-grown at 10 to 12 months, depending upon the following factors.

  • Gender
  • Parents
  • Diet

These factors play an important role in Cavachon’s growth. A fully grown Cavachon can have 14 to 20 pounds weight with around 12 inches in height. Make sure to make the transition from puppy food to adult food when your Pomchi is fully grown. You can take track of their weight by noting their weight on every visit to the Vet.

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