Cavachon Personality Traits

The personality of any family dog is very important. Families always want an adorable dog breed that can easily adjust to their families. In this article, we are going to tell you about the Cavachon personality traits. The most common adjective used to describe the Cavachon is “happy”. They are very fun-loving and friendly. They crave affection and attention and love to cuddle up on a human lap. Although they may bark at strangers, they can make friends quickly and easily. It’s an active dog breed and requires 30 minutes of exercise and activity daily. They enjoy themselves as long as they get with their people. These are highly social and don’t like to be left alone.


Cavachons are also known for their very good behavior with children and other pets, especially when they socialize from an early age. You can start their training early in order to make it effective. Below are some of the personality traits of the Cavachons, which will help you to see whether the dog suits your lifestyle or not. These personality traits help you know about Cavachons in terms of care, trainability, tolerance of other pets, etc. Let’s see the personality traits of Cavachons.

Love Their Owner

Cavachons are known for their love of their owners. They make very strong bonds with their favorite members of the family. So, you can expect a good routine when you have a Cavachon. They can love you every moment of the day and night. Your endless love and admiration can term them into clingy companions. They hate to be left alone at home for a long time. If you are doing so, they can develop separation anxiety. Keeping this in mind, you must have to give some time to your Cavachon daily. Your Cavachon is going to suffer a lot if you leave in the morning and turn home in the evening.

Playful and Affectionate

Cavachons are playful and affectionate, depending on their parents. Generally, these are very sweet and a true delight for their owners. However, spending time socializing your Cavachon pup is strongly recommended as early as possible. It’s important to develop a healthy level of self-confidence and will also contribute to their overall friendly personality. So, make sure to expose your Cavachon to friends or strangers, new places, and vehicles, and interact with all kinds of creatures and other dogs.

Easy to Train

Cavachons are very intelligent and can pick things quickly, which makes them easy-to-train dogs. They can easily learn to come when you call them, to sit, wait, and walk on a leash. These dogs are quite bright and capable of learning everything quickly. You just need to be gentle and patient and make things fun and interesting. As a general rule, you can spend half an hour daily on their training. It’s advised to start their training early to enjoy an obedient and well-behaved adult Cavachon.

easy to train cavachon

Positive and Happy

Cavachons are positive and happy dogs that are known for their perfect attitude toward families. These are positive dogs and need moderate activity requirements, making them suitable for children, adults, and seniors. They also go great with other pets, especially when you socialize with them during their early age. These are also perfect for allergic people due to their hypoallergenic coats.

Are Cavachons Clingy?

Yes, Cavachons are very clingy and known for their love for owners. These cute dogs can sit in their laps and be petted. They are very friendly and enjoy living around the people. They love to spend their maximum time with kids and other family members.

Are Cavachons obedient?

Cavachons get along well with the other canine companions and also with the other children. They have enough energy to take long outside walks at least several times a week. However, their early training is necessary to grow them into well-educated and obedient dogs.

Do Cavachons bark a lot?

No, Cavachons are not known to bark a lot. They are not yappy dogs as much as the other small dog breeds. Many Cavachon owners and professional breeders describe them as a quiet breed.

Final Thought

Cavachons are known for their lovely nature and personality traits. Families love to have these adorable dogs as family members. If you are looking for a small dog with a big heart and a friendly character, it’s the right breed for you. These small dogs are very loyal and affectionate. In this article, we have discussed their unique personality traits, which include the following.

  • Love Their Owner
  • Playful and Affectionate
  • Easy To Train
  • Positive and Happy

All these traits are perfect for a family dog. Try to start their training early to make them perfect family dogs. But only purchase this dog if you have sufficient time to spend with them.

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