When Do Cavachons Calm Down? – Tips To Calm Down Cavachons

Cavachon puppies are full of joy and energy. These lap dogs are known for being attached to their owners. They love to spend time with their owners and pick up their habits. They will pick up those habits if you live outside an active life. They are either sleeping or being your shadow when they are not playing. So, training and raising a puppy Cavachon into a mature dog can be a challenging task. Many people don’t like their too active behavior and want them to calm down. These are also prone to separation anxiety, which can lead them to constant barking or whining, inability to control their urine or defecation habits, or even destroying the home items. In this article, we will see when do Cavachons calm down.


Fortunately, you can help your Cavachon to calm down with proper training and tips. Exercising is the best way to calm down an active Cavachon. It’s a healthy and great way to tire out an active Cavachon. However, every individual can have a unique genetic makeup and distinctive genetic traits. Some have higher levels of energy compared to others. Their energy level depends not only on their age but also on certain other factors. Let’s see some tips to calm down a Cavachon.

Tips to calm down a Cavachon

Cavachons are active dogs, but these are not hyperactive like many other dog breeds. However, they can have more energy when they are young, which gradually reduces with their age. The Cavachons living with active owners have high energy than the other dogs. They will also tire out quickly with enough exercise and playtime. If you have a Cavachon that gets a little too rowdy at times, you can do a few things.

Take Them On Long Walk

Cavachons like to explore and experience new smells. So, you can take them on a long walk to tire them out. It’s reduced not only the energy level of your Cavachon but also provides them with necessary daily exercise. It’s a small dog breed, so a long walk of about 30 minutes is enough for them. It increases their heart rate but does not wear them out completely.

Play Fetch or Other Games

Cavachons also like to play fetch and other games. They love to play with balls when they are young. This is the right age for them to learn how to fetch or play tug-of-war with rope. It’s a great way to calm down the Cavahons if you are living in a high-rise apartment.

Take Them To The Dog Park

You can also take your Cavachon to the dog park to calm down. It’s one of the best ways for several reasons. They love spending time with other dogs, which also benefits their socialization. They also get the necessary exercise by visiting the dog park. Your Cavachon can expend his energy in different ways in the dog park.

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Tips to calm down a Cavachon facing separation anxiety

Cavachons are very active dogs and are known for their strong bond with their owners. This behavior can also cause many behavioral problems for them. These problems get worse as they grow up. But you can minimize these issues with proper training. Follow the tips below to calm down your Cavachon facing separation anxiety.

Hire A Dog Walker

A dog walker is a great friend for any dog, especially when the owner is not at home. They make strong friendships with the dogs they walk. Dog walkers take the dogs out to give them the exercise and company they need. You can also get the services of these dog walkers even when you are at home.

Create A Safe Space

You can also create a separate safe space for your Cavachon when you are not at home. It’s a straightforward and inexpensive way to minimize their separation anxiety issues. You can simply take a comfortable doggy bed and place it in a dedicated spot or corner of your home. Make sure to put familiar toys, work shorts, and clean water near the bed.

Hire A Trainer

You can also hire a professional or behaviorist to alleviate the separation anxiety issues. These trainers take their time to set up a training regimen. Ensure these sessions are not more than 15 to 30 minutes daily. It’s a good way for the people who work a lot. The dog trainer may continue these training sessions nearly every day for several weeks.


Take Them With You When Doing Simple Errands

You can also take them with you when you run simple errands. This will give them some idea about the work you are going when you are not at home. It will help them to understand that you will quickly return home whenever you finish your job. Their small size makes it very easier for you to take them with you to do simple errands. Many restaurants allow bringing your dog with you when you go to lunch or dinner. But make sure your dog behaves well, as they have the right to kick you out if your dog misbehaves.

Create A Playlist

Cavachons are also known for enjoying dog-friendly music. So, you can leave your TV on or create a playlist of dog-friendly music to help your Cavachon to calm their nerves. This is one of the easiest ways to deal with the Cavachons separation anxiety. You can also record the sounds that your Cavachon regularly hear and turn them on when you are away. Some examples of these dog-loving sounds include the running water sound while you are doing dishes, recording your footsteps like you are walking around, or recording yourself talking on the phone. All of these sounds make it feel like you are at home with your Cavachon.


Exercise is an excellent stress reliever for dogs, just like humans. You can simply take them a walk as you get home. This will provide them with necessary exercise and relieve their stress.

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Rehearsal Training

This is another one of the simplest ways to keep your Cavachon calm. The rehearsal training involves the mini absences where the owner shows their dogs that he is leaving the house but returns 10 minutes later. You can start this process by saying goodbye to your Cavachon when you leave and giving them some pats. As you leave, your Cavachon may show some displeasure by barking or whining, but you should ignore it.

Nest, spend at least 10 minutes outside, and come back inside. Show tons of love to your Cavachon and repeat this activity a few times a day. Each time gradually increase the time you append outside. Keep doing this activity until you leave your Cavachon home alone for a few hours. You can keep track of your Cavachon barking and whining by asking your neighbors.

Don’t Leave Your Cavachon Alone

This may be impossible for you, but this is the simplest way to prevent your Cavachon from separation anxiety. Fortunately, you can also do this by owning another puppy to keep your Cavachon company. It’s much easier for families whose members are working from home.

Main Their Healthy Diet

Your Cavachon diet can also affect your behavior. Make sure your Cavachon is getting proper nutritious food. Canned food can be a good option, but you have to do your research. However, canned food with water as its first nutrition can be less nutritious. So, look for the canned food that lists meat as its first ingredient. As a bonus, you can find some foods that list poultry, meat, or fish broth as an ingredient instead of water.

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Puppy Energy Level Timeline

The Cavachon puppies energy level change with their age. The below general timeline helps you to understand the energy level of your puppy at different age cycles.

Newborns To 10 Weeks

The newborn Cavachon puppies are fairly helpless and reliant on their mothers. You may notice their zero-energy level to very high energy level during this period of their age. Their eyes are closed when they are born, and they are sensitive to touch and smell. After 10 to 14 days, their eyes open. However, they don’t respond to the light and also don’t move until the transition period. You can notice their growls and wags at two weeks. Soon, they also develop social skills, which make them easily encounter people, objects, and different situations. Most puppies are seen like the energizer bunny at this stage of puppyhood.

10 To 16 Weeks

The Cavachon puppies still have a bunch of energy and playfulness at this age as well. They usually test the boundaries at this stage by biting and sometimes disobeying you. So, it’s important to consistently train your pooch to obey your commands. You can also start cracking down on your Cavachon for any misbehavior. However, you may require patience as they also start to forget rules and commands.

4 To 6 Months

This is the time when puppies enjoy interacting with a lot of other dogs. Some puppies may be shy, but they begin to develop a solid routine at home. Their overall confidence level improves, and they become more outgoing. Maybe your Cavachon has become interested in playing and fighting with other dogs. You have to pay special attention to your Cavachon behavior during this period. You can also take the help of a certified trainer.


6 To 12 Months

This is the time when you see a quick change in the Cavachon size. Now, they have become much bigger and have a good sense of the family routine. However, these are still a puppy and have a decent amount of energy at this stage. Make sure your Cavachon recognizes its socialization and training as routine at this stage.

1 To 2 Years

This is the time when you have conquered most of the challenges of puppyhood. Your precious pooch is almost a young adult and will start to look more mature and will become calmer. At this stage, your pup starts obeying your commands most of the time. However, their ongoing training is important to ensure their great relationship with you.

At what age do Cavachons calm down?

It’s difficult to exactly answer this question. However, most of the puppies start to settle around 6 to 12 months of age. Still, you can expect their excitement, playfulness, and high spirit throughout their lives. Just like humans, dogs are also kids at heart. Some of their signs of growth spurt include the following.

  • Increased hunger
  • Increased sleeping

Some of the signs of Cavachons adolescence include the following.

  • Jumping
  • Teething
  • Refusal to obey commands
  • Wandering
  • Aggression
  • Leg cocking
  • Obsessive mounting behavior.

Final Thoughts

Cavachons are known for their loving, friendly, and energetic behavior. They love to cuddle and follow their owners throughout the day. However, these are more energetic during some periods of their life cycle than others. So, many people are worried about their energetic behavior. They wanted to calm down their Cavachon. Fortunately, there are certain ways that can help you to calm down your lovely Cavachon. You can do the following practices to calm down your dog.

  • Take them on a long walk
  • Play fetch or other games
  • Take them to the dog park
  • Prevent the separation anxiety

All these practices help you to calm down your lovely Cavachon. It may require some patience, so don’t be harsh on your Cavachon.

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