Red Cavachon – Size, Temperament, and More

Red is another unique and delightful color variation of the beloved Cavachon breed. They are known for their distinctive coat colors, combining the unique qualities of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. The Red Cavachons with their affectionate nature, playful spirit, and a touch of elegance bring a lot to their owners. Today, these lovely companions are becoming members of families worldwide. In this article, we will explore the fascinating characteristics of the Red Cavachon.

Red Cavachon

Their red coat adds a pop to the traditional Cavachon charm. The Red Cavachon with the inherent qualities of this breed creates an irresistible combination. The radiant and vibrant personality of the Cavachons makes them more adorable with their red color. So, we can say that one of the most striking features of the Cavachons is their Red color. Let’s know more about the Red Cavachons.


Red Cavachons appeared very cute and attractive with their red coat just like their other color variations. A Cavachon can be purely red, but mostly they have patches of white on their chest or face. Their medium-length, non-shedding coats with tight, wavy hair look very stunning in red color. You can keep them in a long, shaggy, or in a puppy clip coat.


Cavachons are small dogs, no matter what color they are. Their full-grown size is going to be 11-13 inches. However, the females are slightly smaller than the males. Generally, the female Cavachons are 10-11 inches at the shoulder with 9-14 pounds weight. On the other hand, the male Cavachons are 11-13 inches at the shoulder with 12-16 pounds in weight. So, you can expect your Red Cavachon anywhere between these ranges. Sometimes the first-generation Cavachons grow up to be unusually tall or unusually small. But it’s easier to predict the size of multi-generation Cavachon.


The grooming of your Cavachon may be affected a little bit by its color. The lighter-colored Cavachons may require more frequent grooming than the darker-colored Cavachons. However, their color doesn’t affect their hair growth. Your Red Cavachons need to visit the professional groomer in the same routine as any other colored Cavachon. Normally, Cavachons need a grooming appointment every two to three months. However, make sure to keep their hair short around the eyes between the appointments. Use a warm washcloth or tear-stain wipes to regularly clean beneath their eyes.


Cavachons are usually friendly dogs and love to be around people just like their parents. They love to please their owners, which helps to train them easily. It’s observed that a Cavachon normally stays calm 90% of the time. In short, it’s a good breed for families having children irrespective of their color. However, you can get any of your favorite colors among the Cavachon colors.


Cavachons are healthier dogs than their parent breeds. However, they can develop some health conditions like heart and hormonal disorders that are also noticed in their pedigree lines.

Life Span

You can expect your Red Cavachon to live 11-15 years if he avoids inherited health problems. You can increase the life expectancy of your beloved Cavachon with regular veterinary checkups, exercise, and a quality diet. One thing you must understand is that investing in Cavachon Health is investing in their life.


Cavachon’s price can vary from an affordable price of $400 to five times that of $2000, even in some cases you may have to pay $6000 to get a Cavachon. This price difference depends upon breeding standards, bloodline, location, etc. Generally, a Cavachon from any designer breeder can cost you between $400 to $2000. However, if you are looking to get it from a show-quality bloodline, it can cost you up to $6500.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we explain everything about the Red Cavachon to help people who are looking to own this color variation of the Cavachons. Cavachons come in many color variations, and Red is one of these colors. These adorable dogs look very cute in each of their color variations. But some people like red color as compared to other colors. It doesn’t matter what color you like; their size, lifespan, and price are almost the same. However, their lighter colors may require frequent bathing as compared to their darker colors.

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