Best Cavachon Breeders in New England 2024

Are you looking for a Cavachon breeder in New England region? You are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the best Cavachon breeders in New England. We have done our research on all six states in this region including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Though the region doesn’t have many reputable Cavachon breeders, some of the best breeders are listed below. All these breeders are known for offering lovely Cavachon puppies throughout New England, and United States.


Our team of researchers personally met with many Cavachon owners to make it an easier process for our beloved readers. We know it can be challenging for many people, especially novice owners. Our breeder selection criteria ensure to pick the right breeders. All the below breeders can provide you with a lovely Cavachon puppy. Let’s get started with the best Cavachon breeders in New England.

Cavachons From The Monarchy, Massachusetts

This Cavachon breeding program is in Monson, Massachusetts. They have been breeding the lovely Cavachons for 15 years. Each puppy is a unique treasure and can become a lovely family member. They provide high standards of care, safety, and comfort to their Cavachon puppies. They follow vigorous state-of-the-art vaccination and deworming to ensure the best health of their puppies. All their puppies are sold with care and training instructions and a written health guarantee for genetic disorders. They always look forward to making great relations with their owners.

You will get the answers to all your questions from them. They have a strong professional reputation in their area. They don’t release their puppies for their homes before they reached 8 weeks of age as they are more concerned about the socialization of their puppies. Their Cavachons price is usually around $4200. Firstly, you have to fill out a client questionnaire on their website and submit the non-refundable security deposit to get a puppy from them. Visit their website to get more information about their lovely Cavachons.

Visit: Cavachons From the Monarchy

The Perfect Puppy, Rhode Island

These are not pure breeders. It’s a family-owned and operated pet business. They have 23 years of experience both in breeding and caring for the lovely AKC, ACA, and ICA registered purebred as well the mixed breed pups. They are fully committed to providing pets to families with good health. You can also get a lovely Cavachon puppy from them in the New England region. Sometimes they also ship their puppies to other states of America. All their puppies are micro-chipped, up to date on vaccinations, and come with a full two-year health guarantee.

Additionally, you will also get your first veterinary visit free, which includes an exam, the next eligible vaccination, a new puppy pack, heartworm treatment, and flea treatment. You can get many small, medium, large, and hypoallergenic dog breeds from them. You can visit their website to check out their available Cavachons.

Visit: The Perfect Puppy

Final thoughts

So far, our researchers have only convinced us to add these two breeders to our list of best Cavachon breeders in New England. But we are always in search of other breeders that meet our standards. We know it will be easier for families to pick any breeder with more options. We ensure that the breeders meet the following standards.

  • Have a great reputation
  • Experienced
  • Meet all the necessary breeding standards
  • Care about the health of their Puppies

Hopefully, the above list helps you to get a great Cavachon companion in New England. Still, if you have any confusion, you can do some research on your own.

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