Best Cavachon Breeders in New York 2024

Are you looking for a Cavachon breeder in New York? You are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the best Cavachon breeders in New York. All the below breeders are in New York, but some of these also ship their puppies to other states. Our research team has done a lot of research work to come up with the breeders that can provide you with a lovely Cavachon puppy in New York. Still, if you have any confusion, you can do some work on your own.


We know it can be challenging for people, especially for new owners. The below breeders have been providing quality Cavachon puppies to families for many years. Some of these breeders also have experience with many other breeds.

Let’s see the best Cavachon breeders in New York!

Sweet Fern Puppies

Sweet Fern Puppies are lovers of beautiful Cavachons and Doodles in New York states. These are the proud owners of lovely Cavachons. These are dedicated to happy, healthy, and loved Cavachons and doodle dogs. All their puppies are born and raised in their family home in Upstate New York. Their homestead is located about 45 minutes from Albany, New York. Their dogs are DNA screened for every possible common health concern before breeding. All their puppies receive vet visits and a clean bill of health before going home and come with a health guarantee.

Cavachon Pictures

Currently, their Cavachon puppies are around $2300. However, they can change less or more for different colors, genders, etc. You have to deposit $200 to reserve a puppy from them. You can visit their website to check out their dogs, puppies, and guardian family program.

Visit: Sweet Fern Puppies

Lindy’s Cavachons

Lindy’s Cavachons are breeding lovely Cavachon puppies for sale in Ellenville, New York. They have many years of experience in providing lovely dogs for their families. The wealth of knowledge across their team makes them the best dog breeder in Ellenville, New York. Their beautiful puppies are eager and raised for their sweet homes. These are very playful, and energetic, and need a lot of love and attention when they move to their new families. They take the time and care to raise puppies that will truly make you smile. Their years of experience make them one of the trusted breeders to deliver lovely Cavachon puppies.

Cavachon Pictures

They follow the recommended guidelines to ensure that their dogs have a loving temperament. You may have to provide them with a lot of information before owning a dog. They ensure that their dogs leave for their new homes happy and ready to be loved. You can visit their website to get more information about their lovely Cavachons.

Visit: Lindy’s Cavachons

Puppy Love New York

It’s another breeding program in New York. They are offering the lovely Cavachon along with many other dog breeds. Their other breeding dogs include the Cavaliers, Cavapoos, Cockapoos, Cocker Spaniels, Mini Aussiedoodles, Mini Poodles, etc. Their main goal is to match their puppies with wonderful families. They always give the best possible care to their puppies to give them a happy and healthy start. A husband and wife start this breeding program back in 2015. Their kennel is specifically designed to keep the puppies and dogs comfortable and happy. They provide a lot of love and care for all their puppies. They provide indoor heating to their puppies during winter.

These are specialized in raising puppies that are ideal for families. They can provide you with a Cavachon puppy in Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Syracuse NY, or anywhere in the United States. They ship their puppies across the US. You can visit their website to get more information about their lovely Cavachon puppies.

Visit: Puppy Love New York

Final Thoughts

Finding a Cavachon breeder in the USA is a challenging task due to their less number of breeders. It’s become even more challenging when you are looking for a Cavachon breeder in any specific State of the USA. In this article, we especially try to help those families who are looking to own a Cavachon breeder in New York. It was also not easy for us to find reputable breeders in New York. But credit goes to our research team who personally explore the area and meet with many owners and breeders. Below are some of our standards that ensure listing the best Cavachon breeders in New York.

  • Reputation of the breeder in the area
  • Breeder Experience
  • Kennel or Family Environment
  • Puppies Parents
  • Health Guarantee

Our unique breeder-picking standards ensure the best possible Cavachon puppies for families.

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