Best Cavachon Breeders in California 2024

If you are looking for a Cavachon breeder in California, you are at the right place. In this article, we will list the best Cavachon breeders in California. Cavachon is a lovely mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise. As a hybrid dog breed, we know it can be challenging for you to find an ideal Cavachon breeder. It’s especially very challenging for new owners. We have done some research on our end to make it an easier process for you. All the below breeders are providing the best Cavachon puppies in their areas. Still, if you have any confusion, you can talk with some local breeders or owners to ensure about below Cavachon breeders.


The best you can do is to visit the breeder before making the purchase. Visit their house or breeding kennel to see their environment and meet with their Cavachon parents. You can also ask them about the health certificates of their breeding parents. But if you don’t have enough time to visit the breeder, don’t worry. You can choose any of the below Cavachon breeders in California. They can provide a lovely Cavachon puppy for your family. Let’s see the best Cavachon breeders in California.

Fischer Farm

It’s one of the top Cavachon breeders in California, USA. They are also breeding Cavaliers along with Cavachons. It’s also a pony and horse farm. Their dogs are raised alongside other animals of all sizes, which ensures their socialization. They only have one dam and a sire to produce their lovely Cavachon puppies. So, their puppies are not always available. You may have to wait to get a cute Cavachon puppy from them. Try to put your name on their waiting list as soon as possible to get a chance of getting a Cavachon from them. Their parents are UKC registered. They happily provide the pedigree information to their owners.

Cavachon Images

The main aim of Fischer Farm is caring for their puppies health and well-being. They ensure that their puppies are seen by a vet early for necessary vaccinations and deworming. You can ask them if the health guarantee is available for their puppies. They only sell their puppies as a companion. So, you have to sign their spay or neuter contract before getting the puppy. Visit their website to get more information about their current available Cavachon puppies.

Visit: Fischer Farm

Silver Paw Cavachons

Silver Paw Cavachon is another good place to find the lovely Cavachon puppy. They have many other breeds as well for loving owners. Moreover, they are also not available in California. You can also find in them Alabama, Arizona, Lowa, Illinois, Hawaii, Michigan, etc. They provide you with a health guarantee for all of their puppies including the Cavachon puppies. You can get the Cavachons in various colors and sizes from them. Their accelerated puppies are perfect for dog-lover families. You just have to start their socialization early to make them lovey family pets.

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You may have to wait to get a puppy from them as their waiting list is often quite full. Your wait for their Cavachon can be as short as 2 months, or as long as 6 months. So, we recommend getting on their waiting list as soon as possible. You have to deposit $300 to be on their waiting list. It’s a non-refundable deposit after selecting the puppy. You can visit their website for more information about their lovely Cavachons.

Visit: Silver Paw Cavachons

Tinker Pups

Tinker Pups truly understand the needs of a four-leg family member for families. Their mission is to provide high-quality pups to families. If you are looking for a small hypoallergenic dog, this is the right place for you. These are specialized in Bichon, Cavapoo, Cavalier, Cavachon, Maltipoo, Aussiedoodle, Maltichons, and Aussiechons. Their love of animals started in 2003 when they brought their first dog home. After that their love, compassion, and dedication encourage them to find the best homes for their lovely puppies.

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From their veterinary services to their trainers are all very engaged in communicating client needs. They ensure that all of their members are working with the same goal. They also have other furry friends such as ducks, geese, and cats. Their dogs raised along with these furry friends ensure their socialization at an early age. You can visit their website to get more information about their lovely Cavachons.

Visit: Tinker Pups

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above list helps you to find a reputable Cavachon breeder in California. We know the importance of dogs for dog lover families. But it’s not easy for novice owners to find the ideal breeders that are offering the best Cavachon puppies. We have listed the above breeders by keeping the following points in mind. These points automatically lead us to some reputable Cavachon breeders in California.

  • Breeders location
  • Breeders health concerns for their puppies and parents
  • Price of their Cavachons
  • Their main aim of breeding
  • Their Breeding Experience

All these things play an important role in the quality of the breeder. Still, if you have any confusion, you can do some work on your own.

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