Cavachon Exercise Needs – How Far Can Cavachons Walk?

Cavachons are not nearly as active as some other small dog breeds. But still, they require a bit of activity. In fact, Cavachons need about 45 minutes of exercise daily. However, they can’t tackle 45 minutes of exercise at a time. You can divide their exercise into two 20 minutes sessions, once in the morning and at night. You can also use one of these sessions for playtime with other dogs in the backyard. Don’t simply put your Cavachon outside and expect him to get the necessary daily exercise. These are people-oriented dogs and don’t like to get all the exercise by themselves. Even if your Cavachon spends hours in the backyard, you can’t expect him to get all their exercise needs.


Exploring the outside world with your Cavachon can be great fun. They like to sniff the smells, pee on plants, and explore the sights. Your Cavachon will love every walk. But there are also some limits to their walk. In this article, we will tell you everything about the Cavachon exercise needs. How far can Cavachons walk?

Is Cavachon Lazy?

Cavachons are people-oriented and can follow you from room to room. However, if you are sitting on the couch all day, they will also want to do the same. These dogs mostly want to be with you, whatever you are doing. These dogs are more than happy when they are with you. So, don’t leave them alone; they like to spend much of their time lying around. Their activeness also depends upon their age. Puppies tend to be more active than adults. The senior Cavachons are the least active and can become overweight for this reason. At this point, the Cavachon can’t get as much exercise as they need.

However, you need to understand that Cavachons are not made to lay around all day. They can become overweight and obese quickly, which can lead them to several problems. So, it’s also important to keep an eye on your Cavachon weight. You can exercise them more and consider getting a diet dog food. You can contact your vet if your Cavachon suddenly gains weight. There are some medical conditions that can lead the Cavachon to sudden weight gain.

How Far Can a Cavachon walk?

Although a Cavachon is a small to medium size breed, they need purposeful exercise to stay active and fit. On average, a Cavachon needs 30 to 40 minutes a day of activity. A walk is the simplest way to achieve this goal. So, your Cavachon can walk around 2 to 2.5 kilometers in 30 to 40 minutes. You can also give them a little longer walk if they have been working up to the length. But for longer walks, ensure they have water access and break every 20 minutes. The elderly Cavachon needs shorter distances or similar distances at a much slower pace.

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What are the benefits of walking a Cavachon?

Regular walking is not only beneficial for your Cavachon physical health but also good for their mental health. It helps to improve their mental health and endurance. Below are some of the health benefits of walking for Cavachons.

  • Weight-control and energy-burning, which prevent their obesity issues
  • Improve their joint health
  • Prevent their diabetes issues
  • Improve their digestive and urinary health

So, we can say that regular walking is the best contributor to their overall health. Their apparent benefit is to burn calories. Make sure to keep an eye on their food intake and ensure they are not eating more than 10% of the daily calories.

Can Cavachons be a running partner?

Keep in mind that heavy impact exercise of running and even jogging is not suitable for many dog breeds. Though many breeds love to run, swim and zoom. Small breeds like Cavachons and Cavapoos are not suitable to run with their partners. So, it’s not good for their owners to run with their Cavachons. Even if your Cavachon have the stamina to run, they can’t run till their bones are fully grown. It is always good to stay on the safe side and don’t run with your Cavachon, but your veterinarian can advise you best according to your Cavachon physique. Cavachons have a longer lifespan, so heavy impact exercise like running can cause them any injury.


When can I take my Cavachon puppy walking outside?

You can take your Cavachon puppy outside for a walk after the final set of vaccinations. Mostly, they are all-clear a week or two weeks after the last injection. It’s necessary to give some time to shots to take effect. Mostly, Cavachons complete this process by 4 months of age. Please don’t take an unvaccinated Cavachon for an outside walk; it can be a risk of catching many dog diseases.

Can I walk my Cavachon in Winter?

You can walk your Cavachon in winter. But make sure about the temperature you expose your dog to. Small dogs like Cavachons feel the cold. It depends on how freezing the winters are in your area. However, walking in the cold can be risky for Cavachon paws. You can arrange some shoes for your Cavachon, even if there is no snow or water in your area. Make sure the shoes are comfortable for the Cavachon paws and keep them warm and happy. You can choose anyone from the bunch of shoe colors.

Will Cavachon’s feet get burned while walking in summer?

Yes, dog feet can burn on a scorching day. The prolonged contact of their feet with the hottest parts of a road or concrete can burn their feet. You can put the dog shoes onto your Cavachon; these are easy to zip on and will avoid sunburnt or heat-burned paws. You can save them by covering up.

Final Thoughts

Cavachon is a small dog breed and doesn’t require much exercise like other small dog breeds. But it doesn’t mean they don’t need any exercise. You have to provide them 30 to 40 minutes of exercise daily to stay active. You can divide it into two sessions of 20 minutes. It’s not only good for their physical health but also good for their mental health. You can also fulfill their exercise needs in the form of their daily walk. In this article, we have discussed everything about Cavachon’s exercise needs. It’s important for the Cavachon owners to keep them on a healthy weight.

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